Gazebo Options for Every Yard

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sprucing up your backyard without a degree in botany is easier than ever thanks the ease of access to building materials for gazebos. Some stores and websites even specialize in this niche market to offers buildings that match every taste.

The most basic designs are open air wooden gazebos. These are ideal for hot summer days when the sun’s rays are beating down. For those looking for a combination of tradition and artistry, wood is the best construction material. Some of the most popular types of wood used to build gazebos are Western Red Cedar and Southern Yellow Pine. The Western Red Cedar is know for its elegance and durability. The wood contains natural oils, which act as a deterrent against insects and wood decay. The pine gazebos offer wood that has been treated using pressure treatment, which provides the gazebo with a lifetime of protection against termites and fungus attacks. Wooden gazebos can be stained or treated almost immediately after assembly to ensure that the structure can stand up against the elements.

Wooden gazebos might be preferred by enthusiasts who enjoy a connection with the past and appreciate the look of woodwork. But for homeowners that want a low maintenance gazebo, vinyl might be the best material. Vinyl will not face attacks from termites, and the material requires only sporadic cleaning. A vinyl structure combined with a composite deck and a shingled roof is an attractive way to build a centerpiece for any garden or backyard.

Depending on the size of the backyard or accessibility of the home, gazebos can be delivered pre-assembled. Orders can even be specialized to fit areas that do not match with standard size gazebos. Rather than worrying about finding a backyard to fit a gazebo, nearly any backyard can be stylized with a structure that will match the needs of the homeowner.


Gazebo January 7, 2011 at 10:47 PM  

You can build your own gazebo if you and a friend are good at putting things together you could complete the construction in a day or you can take it easy and complete the job over a weekend. But having a gazebo kit would help a lot to make your work easier.

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