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>> Thursday, September 30, 2010

Everybody hates a slow PC and I am no exception. To wait for an application to load is cumbersome and time consuming, to say the least. I like it when my machine runs optimally and gives me the chance to enhance my web and offline user experience. But sometimes, we're caught in a web of dismally slow starting and ancient programs that make our machines run like turtles. Though I may not have an faster alternative for every program on my PC, I found a few here that can be life savers.

Mozilla Firefox: This may not be new, but it's the hottest thing on the market right now. The only competition it faces is from its rival Google Chrome -- but Chrome only beats Firefox because it loads pages faster. Firefox, however, is totally secure and provides ample plug-ins that make your browsing experience effortless and pain-free.

CPU-Z: Don’t have a clue about the model of  processor you're currently using? CPU-Z is here to help! One of the really useful free PC programs, this handy tool lets you in on all aspects of your machine, from the voltage it uses to its video performance and core-speed.

KeePass: If you log into a different site everyday for work or for leisure and keep a small book of passwords hidden in the deepest corner of your desk drawer, it's time to throw that book away and bring in KeePass. It does what your book did, except in a more secure manner. With a master phrase that locks in all of your passwords, all you need to do is enter the primary password and check through the list of stored passwords to find the one you need.

Using each of these free PC programs saves me a little time and frustration -- and that ends up making me a happier and more productive computer user.


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