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>> Monday, September 6, 2010

I can’t seem to catch my best friend online these days. Whether on Facebook or instant messaging, he seemed to be elusive. Just last week, I called him up to check on him. I asked why I never saw him go online and the answer he gave me I found amusing: his time online is spent mostly playing Facebook

‘s Farmville! Now that’s interesting. I know him to be a very busy man and it is amazing to learn that he can squeeze in some farming time into his very hectic schedule. He is so into improving his farm, taking care of his animals, trees and plants and maintenance of his buildings and tractors. 

Farmville tractors remind me of the used farm tractors I saw at It is an online listing source of farm equipment, both used and new, for buyers and sellers alike. It allows dealers to submit unlimited number of equipment listings to their database and for potential buyers, this is a more cost-efficient way to search and evaluate used tractors for sale prior to paying for them. compared to buying from sellers who advertise on equipment magazines. Many types and brands of tractors are made available at These include used john deere tractors, Bobcat, Gehl, Mustang and many others. Searching for tractors is indeed a breeze now, thanks to


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