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>> Friday, September 3, 2010

He may not look sporty nor posses an athletic build but my husband, like majority of the men in the world, loves sports. I find it puzzling, this thing about men and sports so over lunch last weekend, I asked my husband for reasons why he loves sports. He gave me two reasons. First is that professional athletes are highly commendable and respected because of the amount of effort, energy and resources they allot to improve and excel in their game. Secondly, sports is quantifiable. There is no need to argue and fight on which is the best team during the season or the conference’s best player. A simple look at the post-season statistics and the figures will give you the easy answers. His answers were certainly enlightening as they made me appreciate him (and men in general) better. I now understand why sporting event tickets sell like hotcakes and missing a sporting event can be very disappointing.

One good way to make sure that you (or the man in your life) won’t miss any sporting event is to book early with, a provider of premium sport packages and hospitality during national and international sporting events. Whether its Us open tickets or Kentucky derby tickets, got you covered. You can even avail of one of the Superbowl packages and together, watch and enjoy the Super Bowl XLV championship and post game parties on February 6, 2011 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. It’s a great way to bond as a couple and at the same time experience firsthand the excitement during a Super Bowl championship.


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