The Anniversary Present

>> Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Husband and I celebrated our anniversary last Tuesday and since it was a working day, the celebration will take place this weekend. I did not expect him to come home. I counted five office clothes while he was packing last weekend so I assumed that I won’t be seeing him that day. But around 6PM, I learned from the reply that I got from him that indeed, he was coming home! Unfortunately, I did not prepare any gift for him because I thought that he will be coming home tomorrow. Anyway, aside from his presence and the tube of acne cream that I asked him to buy for me from the mall, he also gave me this present:
laptop_table_heightWe have been planning to buy this laptop table ever since Kaje showed it to me. We intended to visit the store, The Digiking, last weekend but we ran out of time. He shared that he braved the rain last Monday just to buy this but his consolation was that he got this at a discounted price. The table has some discoloration and it is the last stock so the owner gave him some discount. I am one happy camper now because working on my computer for a long time does not strain my neck and back anymore. Thanks, Babe!


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