An Afternoon with My Best Friend

>> Wednesday, September 22, 2010

These are just some of the photos taken to document the fun afternoon that I had last Saturday when we visited a friend in Caloocan last Saturday. After lunch, we proceeded to Trinoma for a stroll around the mall but prior to that, we had coffee and cakes at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It was a perfect spot to enjoy the place and each other’s company while indulging into some of life’s sweet treats.

I have known my friend for almost 10 years now and many things have changed. For one, we can now spend time together without fighting, arguing and bickering. It rarely happened when we were younger! Secondly, both of us have definitely gained weight so a good part of our conversation that afternoon was about the weight loss pills that we tried in our effort to slim down. In the end, we both agree that living a healthy lifestyle and dieting are the best ways to be fit.

It was one memorable afternoon indeed and we are both hoping that it won’t be the last.


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