7 Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not late for a change! And here we go:
Happy Thoughts1. The opportunity to watch my daughter fall asleep every single night and pray over her once she’s asleep. Not all parents are given the chance to do this every night, including my husband. :(

2. The super loving and supportive husband that I have. We celebrated our 8th year of wedded bliss last week and it is one big accomplishment for us. He sorta surprised me with a homecoming albeit the fact that it was late and he had to leave so early in the morning the following day for work. A bonus: a got a present, not just his presence. Haha!

3. Ma who lovingly prepared the food for our wedding anniversary celebration last weekend. We enjoyed her delectable spaghetti, cheese lumpia and fruit salad.

4. The kind of work that lets me do what I love while letting me take care of my family. And with this job, I was able to save up and buy a surprise anniversary gift for my unsuspecting husband (though I told him that it also serves as my Christmas 2010 and Valentine’s Day 2011 gift too!) 

5. My friends, as always, who keep me up and about and sane and happy and motivated. :)

6. The financial blessing (of course!) that has been coming in since last night. Like what I usually say, “When it rains, it floods!”. I am so grateful and I am still thinking of a way to pay it forward.

7. A family trip come December. I can’t wait!


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