>> Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ultimately, iPhone is my dream phone. My husband and best friend know that and I have been bugging them to give me one as a gift, though I know that is far from being a reality. For now, I have to be contented with and iPod Touch which lets me listen to music and podcasts, check my emails, Facebook and Twitter account and at the same time enjoy some really cool iPhone/ iTouch apps.

Well speaking of applications, have heard of Sourcebits? Its a prime software iPad App Development company. It also deals with Blackberry Development of apps too. It was established only four years ago and powered by two hundred award-winning developers and designers. Their aim is to provide world-class and best-selling applications that fit client specifications and requirements. Their programmers are skilled in using the latest development trends and freshest techniques to deliver the best in advanced software, web portal and virtual design products in the market. Sourcebits is undeniably the most creative and forward looking software development companies in the world. I browsed their website just now and I am very impressed with their iPhone App Development that resulted to the creation of some useful apps like Daily Deeds, Climate, Marketing Professionals and many more.


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