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>> Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Tuesday, people!

I am lacking sleep though not that much. :) I stayed up so late last night that I slept at around 2 this morning. I blame it on the nap that I took early evening. I had some mall time yesterday afternoon to do some errands and I think that made me so tired and sleepy.

Speaking of malling, well what can I say? I should definitely not be going to that certain mall because I can’t and won’t go home without a thing or two for myself! But let’s talk about the reason why I went there on the first place: to send some stuff for a brother in-law, Ted who is now based in Davao City and to buy some curtains. It’s timely because Robinsons has an ongoing SALE. I got ours with a 50% discount. I also got a bag organizer for myself.

Anyway, there is a part of the mall which I consider as the smaller version of Greenhills. It is inevitable that I pass by that area because it’s the exit/ entrance near my daughter’s school. Upon exiting, I decided to take a peek at the stall where I bought a nice purple blouse last month. It was tough finding it (me being poor in directions. Haha!) but when I found it, I was greeted by this nice brownish/greenish dress! A tried it on and it fits! Haha! And the price was not that bad (as if I would buy it if it costs a fortune. Haha!)

Now, I need to return and buy that nice pair of shoes that I saw prior to seeing that dress. I think they’ll be perfect! Haha!


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