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>> Sunday, August 29, 2010

I was once a part of our university’s Career Guidance team. Our mission is very simple: sell the university to graduating high school students in the city and the nearby provinces. We usually schedule an audience with them and during that session, we present them what our university has to offer – degrees, scholarships, facilities, services, programs and many others. We effectively deliver what was expected of us with the use of technology. We bring along our own sound system, LCD projector, laptop and others. We use PowerPoint Presentations and show movies to highlight the university’s features. But we all know that these are not enough. Thus, we distribute brochures, fliers and bookmarks that speak about what the university offers.

We know that memory retention is a slight problem with our audience thus, it is best that we give them something to bring home, or show to their parents, who are after all, play a crucial role when it comes to university education of their children. Thanks to our reliable Brochure Printing company, we never had a problem when it comes to our printing needs. It reminds me of an online store named which is a one-stop-shop for all customized printing needs for business and personal use. They offer fast turnaround and great prices for orders of Custom Labels, Calendar Cards, Outdoor Magnets, Postcard Printing and many others. So remember, if you need an affordable, fast, high quality custom printing company, stop by at


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