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>> Monday, August 30, 2010

One of the most unfortunate and tragic events that I was able to witness was when a motorcycle accident some years back. It was running full speed and failed to slow down at the junction. It collided with an van with just the driver in it. Fortunately, the van driver was not hurt but the man driving the motorcycle was seriously hurt especially that he was not even wearing the required motorcycle apparel. It was a very tragic sight, indeed, and I am hoping that along with me, others who witnessed it learned a very important lesson on road safety that day.

Once someone purchases a motorcycle, investing on motorcycle safety gears is also imperative. There are many stores out where one can find quality motorcycle apparel both for women and men. Do a quick search online for more quality bell helmets or Shoei Helmets at discounted prices. Take for example. Shopping is a breeze at their online store because their large selection of items are categorized either according to their types or brands. They also offer discounts and even free shipping for orders amounting to $89 and above. Aside from that, a 3-day guarantee on all items is also offered. With these offers and many more, there are no reasons now to scrimp on motorcycle apparels.


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