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>> Friday, August 20, 2010

Originally included to my itinerary for a trip next month is a visit to my favorite salon for a much-needed hair makeover. But because I am under medication due to my thinning hair, makeover might need to wait until December. Besides, I still need to wait until my hair grows back. However, that will not stop me from paying my favorite hairstylist a visit. I was not able bid him goodbye prior to our departure last June so I am excited to see him again next month. He is not only a hairstylist to me but a good friend too. Besides, I like hanging out at his salon. It is cozy and comfortable because he refurbishes it regularly. He changes his hair salon furniture annually and it’s one thing that I look forward to seeing at the start of the year. However, his choices are limited because of our location. He has to order his salon furniture from another city and shipping takes up the huge cut in the total amount of purchase.

One of his friends who owns a salon in the US does not face the same challenge. Thanks to Pretty-Salon USA, quality and affordable salon furniture are within his reach. Designer style furniture like salon styling chairs, reception desks, facial bed, Pedicure Spa Chair and others are all available at affordable prices. Their huge selection of products makes Pretty-Salon USA the ultimate online source for the best hair salon furniture.


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