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>> Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our country (and even the world) is grappling with a huge problem which is garbage disposal. The national capital itself generates an average of 5,000 plus tons of waste, 29,200 plus cubic meters daily. But one remarkable thing is that the nation’s different sectors have been working exerting effort in reducing waste through creative innovations and ways. Moreover, many companies are now offering eco-friendly products. Take for example. It is Custom Printing company that makes not only personalized but also eco-friendly and biodegradable items such as pens, plastic bags, notepads and many others. Services and discounts are even offered to clients who wish to Greenify their business. These includes a discount on custom eco-friendly printed products, bonus for helping ones own customers Greeenify their businesses, 10% off on their Green Business Alliance membership and many others.

For, there are many reasons for businesses to go green. Aside from helping the planet, it also assured business growth since customers are becoming more conscious of the state that our environment is in thus, they are looking for eco-friendly products. So whether its Plastic Card Printing or Label Printing, stop by and make it your business to help the environment.


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