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>> Saturday, August 28, 2010

Recently, news about a famous local TV personality shocked the nation. He was living a healthy and active lifestyle and at the pink of health when he suffered from a mild stroke some weeks back. But the good news is that he is on his way to recovery. He just needed to stay for some more days at the hospital to completely recover and at the same time undergo some tests to fully determine what caused the attack. Until now, the cause of the mild stroke is still unknown. I am wondering if it was hypertension since it was not reported.

My maternal grandmother suffered from hypertension during her last years with us. I was young back then but I remember her religiously taking her medications and checking her blood pressure using her blood pressure monitors. I remembered her and this famous TV personality when I saw a website that supplies blood pressure cuffs and the likes. The name is Southeastern Medical Supply Inc. Not only do they offer quality health monitoring equipment but they make these products available at wholesale factory direct prices. Enjoy special savings on their monthly specials and more discounts are even offered for bulk orders.


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