Suri Cruise and the Caribbean

>> Saturday, July 31, 2010

It’s funny how little Suri Cruise led me to the Caribbean. I was reading an article about the famous child celebrity and her parents when I learned that his father, Tom Cruise, made a movie, Cocktail. This 80’s American movie is one of the most popular films that depicted Jamaica, one of the famous vacation destinations in the Caribbean. Now my interest did a major shift. From the Cruises to Cocktail, now I am reading about Jamaica.

I did some further research and I discovered that it’s not all about reggae or Bob Marley. It is now a prime destination for those looking for an adventure of a lifetime. And the best all inclusive beach resorts are operated by no other than Breezes Resorts. What’s an all inclusive Caribbean vacation? Simply put, its settling your bills prior to taking that much-needed holiday. Why? So that you need not worry about it while enjoying your meals and drinks or relaxing in your elegant suite or engaging into your preferred water or land sports. Breezes Resorts’ all inclusive caribbean vacations are perfect for couples, families and groups. Caribbean’s crystal waters and endless sunshine make it an ideal place relaxation, rest and fun.


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