The Gadget Hub: A Review

>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is a long overdue post regarding my purchase from an online Multiply store by Jennifer Lamanilao called The Gadget Hub. I have been finding it difficult to carry a big camera around so I looked for a nice compact Canon camera and I fell in love with the features and price of Ixus 95 IS. It is good that Jen, the owner, considered directory submissions because it made searching for The Gadget Hub online easy. I sent an SMS to Jen and I was impressed with her fast response. She was very accommodating and patient with my inquiries. She kept on updating me regarding my order and I was very impressed with how fast my order was shipped upon confirmation of my payment.

And here’s me with my not-so-new toy:

I highly recommend Jen and her shop. It’s a breeze transacting with her and I look forward to more transactions in the future. :)


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