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>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am privileged to be working with different types of college students. Most often, their visits complete my day. Take this day for example. Two of our student athletes came to visit. Aside from our usual chat about their trainings, practices, exams and everything in between (like annoying coaches, hgh supplements that are not effective, among many others) one also shared how frustrated he is about his family life. He relayed that it was his father’s fault that his parents separated before his mother died. He badly misses his mother who is very supportive of his passion for sports. But despite his family problems, he continue to excel in his chosen sports. He was once into volleyball and for the past five months, he is training for badminton and he is one of our best players.

You would think that we were all tears when he was sharing his story but we were not! I was actually covering my mouth to prevent my laugh because he has this funny way of making serious topics light and well, funny! I understand that it is his way of coping and admire him for that.


I Wish We Can Google



The Gadget Hub: A Review

This is a long overdue post regarding my purchase from an online Multiply store by Jennifer Lamanilao called The Gadget Hub. I have been finding it difficult to carry a big camera around so I looked for a nice compact Canon camera and I fell in love with the features and price of Ixus 95 IS. It is good that Jen, the owner, considered directory submissions because it made searching for The Gadget Hub online easy. I sent an SMS to Jen and I was impressed with her fast response. She was very accommodating and patient with my inquiries. She kept on updating me regarding my order and I was very impressed with how fast my order was shipped upon confirmation of my payment.

And here’s me with my not-so-new toy:

I highly recommend Jen and her shop. It’s a breeze transacting with her and I look forward to more transactions in the future. :)


Minding my Health

Finally, I am going to see a specialist next month to consult about my myoma. I had the biopsy result since June last year but I never took the initiative to consult a doctor and let her read the result. We do not have plans of conceiving again yet but I just want to finally know what this myoma is all about and if we can find ways to cure it. Moreover, I also want to be advised on what’s the best vitamins for women my age because I might have special needs that generic multivitamins cannot provide.

And to make my visit to the big city worth it, I will also go and see an ophthalmologist to find out if I need to wear prescription eyeglasses or not. I’ve been feeling some pain in my eyes lately and I do not know whether it’s the sign that I have problems with my vision or I just need to sleep more.


The Scribbled Circle Test

You Are Accomplished
Of all the types, you are the most motivated and the most driven. You want to achieve all your goals.
You thrive when you're able to work hard and be creative. You are constantly impressing people.

Some people say you are a bit competitive and calculating, but you really just love to win.
You do your best to seize every opportunity and find success. You are extremely ambitious.



They Came!

Look who came during DD’s McDonalds party at her class:
Birdie, of course! Because I paid for her appearance! LOL! Seriously though, we were delighted when they graced our children’s party. And they are two of the most influential (and not to mention most beautiful) women in my life. They claim that their positive outlook in life makes them look and feel young, however they can’t deny that they already need relief for arthritis these days. Haha!

Anyway, the one in black is our dear Mamitz. She was once my boss and our matchmaker. My mother is on the extreme right. They’re the most amazing women and I am very much blessed to have them.

And by the way, the guy in pink is Mickeey. Our party host, one of our best student leaders and a good friend. The one in blue is Joniel, a reliable and trusted friend.

The presence of our dear family and friends surely completed our party that afternoon.


No Giving Up!

>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One of the weight loss success stories I recently heard was shared by a colleague of mine. She did not do any crash dieting nor did she deprived herself. She even indulged on cakes and pastas when we went out last week.She just limited her food intake, that’s all. I admire her self-control. In fact, she is my role model in my effort to loose weight last month. But like what I shared, I have to start all over again. But then, if she was able to do it and I did it too last month, I can definitely do it again next month!


For Oliver

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

I hugged and kissed a lot of people yesterday, being our university’s graduation day. I shook a lot of hands too. It was an emotional day, bidding some of our best students good bye.

But I was very touched when our Magna Cum Laude made a special mention of yours truly (with my full name, mind you!) during his thanksgiving speech. I’ve known him since his first year and I’ve witnessed how he developed into a fine young man that he is right now. I know that he will succeed because aside from being smart, intelligent and talented, he has a great and caring heart. He is one of my princes here.

Oliver, you are one great man and I believe that you will go a long, long way! Thank you for the chance of knowing you. I am good at my job because there are students like you who inspire me. Congratulations and God bless you!


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