Good Bye Kurt.

>> Saturday, October 31, 2009

Today, we attended the burial of a cousin’s first born. The baby named Kurt just celebrated his first birthday last month but due to his congenital heart problem, he died last Wednesday. I feel for my cousin, his mother. I know that she and her husband did their best to take care of their baby. They even got him an affordable health insurance. His maternal grandma, my aunt, even planned to bring them to another city for a short vacation today but then, it was his time to go.

We pray for the repose of Kurt’s soul and we thank the Lord for the time He has given us to to love and care for him.


Upgraded Bejewelled Blitz

I promised myself that there’ll be no more Facebook games for me but when I saw the new Bejewelled Blitz, I can’t help but try it. I like the new look plus the chance to gain the points from the remaining power ups once the time is up is nice. Even the graphics when you achieve certain high scores were improved

I guess that revamping the game is a wise move to make people play it again. I, for one lost interest on it some months back. ! So in this case, change is definitely good. I bet that no one missed the old Bejewelled Blitz!


I was Missed?

Being away for relatively long is not a good thing for the house in our family’s case. I came home to a house that seemed to have been devastated by a typhoon! Toys and books and clothes were everywhere! Even the bed was unmade and I can only guess that it has been that way for three straight days, no thanks to a father who doesn’t know how to make the bed before getting up and to his daughter who acts and behaves like her dad. Even the garage floor was not spared. There were traces of spilled iced tea and juice plus bits and pieces of papers, some leaves and flowers. I had no energy whatsoever to deal with the mess so I just cleared the other bed of the clutters and slept. I am grateful that our laundry/ cleaning lady arrived today and put things back to order again. And aside from that, she also helped me gain back my sanity. Haha!

Upon my arrival, my daughter and my husband said that they missed me. And I believed them. They missed having someone ordering them around to clean up after themselves. Right, Babe? Haha!



After being away for almost a week, I finally reported for work this morning. I was late because I got up late too. I was feeling a little bit under the weather since yesterday. Good thing the boss asked for a half-day rest for all of us who went to the inter-school meet yesterday. But then, we had to report this morning because classes for the second semester will start on Tuesday. Thank God for a long weekend which will allow us to get more rest. However, I have a long list of tasks which I must accomplish. It’s not that I am complaining ha. :)

Happy Saturday evening!


Ready for the Holidays?

>> Friday, October 30, 2009

What comes next after Halloween? Christmas! Surely, most of you are already preparing your gift list and searching for nice christmas cards to send to your loved ones and friends. I feel guilty for preparing these late in the past years but I hope to do better this time. By next week, I will come up with a list and schedule my shopping. Moreover, I will make sure that friends and relatives will receive their Christmas cards on time (and not on Valentine’s Day!).

Speaking of Christmas cards, have you noticed that they too, have evolved? Many online sites are now offering affordable personalized Christmas cards. You can choose to have your own wordings and even place your desired photos or pictures. Of course, you are still free to choose your desired style, be it angel or Santa Claus and more. The possibility is endless! Moreover, the instant preview feature lets you see your design as soon as you choose it. So easy, right?


I am actually thinking of getting my Christmas cards from an online shop soon. I can design one but printing can be expensive. With online card shops, bulk orders is cheap without sacrificing the quality so I get my money’s worth.


My Witch Name

No trick or treating here but I took this test for fun. I am no witch but then, some people would disagree. Boo! :)

Your Witch Name is Esmerelda
Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.


And I’m Back.

Look who is finally back! It’s me, of course. Hehe. I was out for about a week. I brought my laptop and other must-haves (like my external hard disk, Custom flash drive, SmartBro USB) because I wanted to blog or maybe scrap and to make the christening invitation that I promised to Marijo but there was not time and energy left for me to even open the laptop bag at the end of the day (which is usually around midnight!). You see, I was one of the delegation of our university during an inter-collegiate school meet. It’s a once in every three years activity for Notre Dame schools here in this part of the country. I was neither a coach nor trainer in sports, academic, literary and socio-cultural arena but I was there because activities such as this is under the supervision of our office. There are several stories which I hope to share in my next posts but for now, let me tell you that I am very ecstatic to be back again. I missed blogging, I missed visiting blogs and Adgitizing. Hopefully, things will go back to normal this weekend.

Have a great one!


Just Wait

>> Sunday, October 25, 2009

Per his managers’ request, my husband will be extending his contract up to the middle of November this year, instead of ending it on October 31, 2009. This is because there are various tasks that needs to be done before they officially close their organization. Aside from polishing their reports and other documents, they also need to turn over several office equipment like industrial computers, electric fans, airconditioning units, laptops and even vehicles to their partner organizations. Aside from that, a final donors’ forum will be organized and all their partner organizations and donors will come together.

The husband is grateful for the extension as he is still waiting for the final offer that will be made by the foundation that expressed the desire to hire him. There are documents that he still needs to submit plus an interview, of course. Hopefully, he will be able to accomplish those requirements very soon. I advised him to take things as they come and not worry to much about receiving an offer very soon. He is one skilled and smart person. He won’t be unemployed very long. Besides, his prospective employer are ironing things out before making an offer so all he needs to do is comply with the requirements and wait. After all, we (her girls) are not starving yet so no worry!


Saturday 9: Hey Jealousy

Saturday 9: Hey Jealousy

It’s still Saturday in other parts of the world so here we go!

1. Tell us a story when you got jealous.
:: I was possessive so it happened quite often when I was young and my BF(of BFs?Haha!) got friendly with other girls.

2. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
:: My big ears! But I learned to love them.

3. Who do you mess with the most?
:: My husband, of course. Because I’ve proven and tested his high tolerance for  my temper. (Lucky me! Haha!)

4. Do you have any special talents? What are they?
:: Is being always right a talent? :D

5. If you could have a secret fling that no one would ever find out about, would you?
:: Hmm.. I dunno.

6. What's the furthest you've been from home?
:: Pampanga/ Manila.

7. How many Saturday 9 player's blogs do you typically visit?
About 7.

8. Some great bloggers lose their "mojo" and quit blogging. Could you see that happening to you?
:: No. At least not in the near future.

9. What's the biggest mistake you've made so far this year?
:: Being impatient with my daughter. But I learned from my mistakes. And I am very thankful to my husband and some friends (even J who isn’t a parent yet) who are very supportive of my quest to become a better parent.


No Time for Love?

After spending about 20 hours here at home, my husband left again for another trip. He needs to attend another workshop before their organization closes. The said workshop will be held in a beautiful beach resort in Davao. I asked if wives are required to attend (my standard question whenever he leaves for a trip, hoping that I will get a “yes”. Haha!) but again, I got the “all work, no time for love” reply. Haha! (Besides, since my bathing suit does not fit me anymore, either I discover a fat burner that works or purchase a new swim suit!)

But even if the husband allowed me to tag along, my boss won’t because like what I mentioned in my previous post, I will be serving as the nanny in our upcoming inter-school meet. It will be held in the province, in a smaller school. I was wondering what qualified that school to be the host and our secretary informed me that the process of choosing was drawing lots, Oh OK. It’s a good thing one of our retired professors is based there so we are going to stay in her place (so the boss and I and other coaches) can work on some tasks during the night.

So that’s how my week will go. I better get prepared for it.

Have a great one!


Leaving for an Inter-school Meet

>> Saturday, October 24, 2009

We woke up very early today because we slept early last night. I felt very tired and sleepy yesterday because work has been very hectic. We are preparing for an inter-school meet next week. Even though sports development is not my program, my boss trusts me so much that he wanted me to be present during the meet. And not because I am athletic or anything, he is just relying on my technical  assistance. He also allowed me to bring my assistant. So I am an assistant with an assistant! LOL!

And it’s not that I am excited or anything. I will be gone for a week and I will definitely miss having my daughter around. We are technically together 24/7! But the good thing is that it will be her semestral break next week so there’s no worrying about assignments and related things while I am away. Plus we are going to have a long weekend once I go home and that’s one of the nicest things in life. :)

Anyway, there will be athletic, academic and literary contests. Our delegation has been preparing very hard for this meet and we hope to bag some gold medals in this meet.

So wish our 225-strong team good luck!


A Modern Day Sanctuary

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One thing that my daughter is looking forward to is visiting her paternal grandparents at their new house in December. As a sucker for nice bathrooms, she is anticipating the experience of showering and taking a bath in style. We were informed that the master’s bedroom will have a jacuzzi. It’s not that we are going to be its occupant but I believe my daughter will definitely have the chance to use it.

For many busy people, their time at the bathroom is the only time when they get to be alone with their thoughts and have some peace and quiet. A bathroom is like a sanctuary to them. That is why there are many shops out there whose main goal is to provide the best bathroom accessories and furniture in terms of quality and design. Because it’s a big investment, one must make sure that the bathroom furniture are durable and safe. It is best to find a store that you can trust with designs that will not only fit your taste but also your budget. Most often, there are promos and discounts when you buy so make sure that you don’t overlook those too.


Belle de Jour 2010 Planner

girl111Are you ready for Belle de Jour 2010 planner? I am! I already placed my order at their website and signed up for their newsletter. I am very excited about this planner as I was an owner of this year’s planner. There will be a launching come October 25 where you can get your BDJ planner for  a cheaper price. A registration fee is required which will benefit the victims of the recent typhoons. Visit their site for more details.

Happy power planning! Happy 2010!



1. What was the name of your third boyfriend?
:: The official or unofficial one? Haha!

2. Where were you three days ago?
:: Office, it was a Monday.

3. What’s the third job you ever had?
:: Pro-blogger.

4. In high school, Freshman year, what was your third period class?
:: That I can’t recall.

5. What did you do on the 3rd of this month?
:: Worked in the morning, stayed home for the rest of the day. It was a Saturday.

6. What will you be doing in 3 hours?
:: Scrap a page or two (been meaning to do that since last weekend) and send a message thru Facebook to a friend who is asking about the best colon cleanse program. Another friend claimed it was effective.

7. What’s your third siblings name?
:: I only have two.

8. What’s your third favorite sport?
:: Sleeping? Haha!

9. What’s your third favorite car?
:: I don’t know. I don’t have a first favorite in the first place!

10. What is the third thing you thought about today?
:: What to prepare for breakfast.

Thanks, Chi!


MY SCATTERgories starts with S

Browsing through Diane’s blog, I learned that I was tagged. More than a year ago. Hahaha! Anyways, here’s my take on it:

SCATTERGORIES.’s harder than it looks! Erase my answers, enter yours, send it on to your friends. *Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following… *They have to be real places, names, things. Nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

VEHICLE – SUV? (Haha!)
TV Show – Sex and the City
CITY – Sampaloc

BOY NAME – Sonny
OCCUPATION – Shoemaker
REASON FOR BEING LATE – Slept late, woke up late


Treating Acne

>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My good friend J has been having problems with his facial skin as it is very prone to acne. He already tried various acne treatment products with the hope that they can cure his acne. He has been feeling very inferior because of his looks and I totally understand him. For us, his friends, it doesn’t really matter but for him, it does. Now that he is employed and earning, he can try expensive treatments, he says. So last weekend, he visited a facial care center for help and he was advised to undergo some treatment. Hopefully, these will finally put an end to his problem.


A Case of Boil and A display of Self-Reliance

It has been a recurring problem. My daughter suffering from boil, that is. She has one on her right elbow this time. I pity her because it hurts a lot, she says. When I fetched her from her class this morning, she showed me a prescription given to her by our school doctor. She said that her elbow hurts so bad that she went to the clinic (by herself!) to have it checked by the doctor. She was given the prescription and was instructed to tell me to visit the clinic if I don’t understand what the doctor wrote. Obviously, the doctor and our school nurses know me and my daughter so when I called them up, a nurse explained that it’s boil (again). So we bought what the doctor prescribed (an antibiotic) plus a bottle of paracetamol to relieve the pain. I feel for my little girl. Hopefully, we can go to a specialist very soon to find out what the real problem is.

On the other hand, I feel so mighty proud of her being self-reliant. Going to the clinic on her own is a thing that I never imagined her doing at her age. The clinic was on the same building where their classroom is housed but still, it’s a clinic! She is knows that the doctor and nurses there are our friends so she need not feel afraid. But I should not be surprised, really. We trained her to be self-reliant and to be confident. So, we are doing the right thing after all!


Dark Circles be Gone!

>> Sunday, October 18, 2009

Despite the exhaustion (or maybe because of it), I still stayed up so late last night. I had the inspiration and drive to work on some tasks so I took the opportunity of accomplishing some work. I was productive and I am so proud! The consequence, however, is that the dark circles under eyes of mine are becoming darker and more obvious!

I know I need to do something to cure this. Catching up on sleep is one solution but I am also considering a cream or something because there are times when sleeping up very late is inevitable.

OK, I am vain but isn’t it natural for women (and even men!) to want to look good, right?


Oh Demi!

>> Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am not a fashion guru but I do agree with the statement “Demi Moore is hot; her potato sack of a dress is not.” when I saw this photo on Yahoo today:

Demi Moore
It was described as a shapeless gown.

Come on, Demi. You can definitely do better than this! Even her necklace looks off! But her pair of shoes is a killer! Way to go, girl!



Is “Confidence” My Middle Name?

Your Best Trait is Confidence
You are the type of person who just goes for it. Whether you win or lose, you're always happiest when you at least tried.
You are fearless when it comes to failure. You have learned that the key to life is just showing up, so you're always there bright and early.

While you are always doing your best, you have had to let go of what others think of you. You define your own success.
You may disappoint yourself or look stupid sometimes, but you always hold your head high. You know that tomorrow will give you another opportunity to try again.


My Big Small Girl

As early as now, my daughter is already fascinated about things which are very girly and if I may add, mommy-ish. Just last week, my mother and I were talking about her new gold watch and the possibility of it being handed down to me because of her allergies to metals. My daughter was intently listening to our conversation and later asked if she could have it instead. Haha!

Tonight, I decided to allow her to use my Dove soap. She initially refused but later gave in. I think she liked it because she asked where it can be bought and if it is OK if we buy her a bar. I just laughed but knowing myself, I will surely be buying her one tomorrow. While I was choosing which lotion to use tonight, she told me that the one I was holding smells better (which means she tried them on already). So, after her bath, I gave her permission to choose from my Victoria’s Secret lotions and use it. Oh she absolutely enjoyed it! She said it’s better than her Zwitsal lotion that her Dad bought for her. Haha!

Why is it that kids want to grow up so fast these days?


He is Sick. And He Rarely Gets Sick.

My husband has been away for about a week now and we terribly miss him. Like what I mentioned, his NGO is about to close so there are many forums, meetings and what-have-yous that need to be attended, organized, facilitated, etc., etc. He has been travelling here and there for more than a month now and even his weekends were not spared. Stress finally caught up on him and he is currently down with a bad case of flu. Aaaw…

He had to reschedule a meeting today and spend the entire day on his hotel bed. Cable TV and basketball kept him company. One of his managers was kind enough to make sure that he is taking his medicines and meals on time.

Hopefully, his fever will subside tomorrow. Or else, he has to see a doctor and I might need to travel to Davao City to attend to his needs. So please include him in his prayers tonight, OK? Thank you!


Friday Fill-ins (10/16/09)

>> Friday, October 16, 2009

friday-fill-in we go!

1. So are we going to choose to be counted and be heard or just opt to be indifferent and apathetic?
2. Our annual Christmas vacation (and my birthday too)  is what's up ahead.
3. I love to visit Davao City with DH and DD again.
4. We are nuts of some sort.
5. I walk a thousand miles or so yearly.
6. Hope  is the true elixir of life!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to working on some online tasks, tomorrow my plans include facilitating our university’s Voters’ Education and Sunday, I want to go shopping with DD!


Life Made Easier

>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

Internet has definitely made a big impact in our lives. With it, we can go places, learn what’s needed to be learned, shop and get to know facts without even leaving the comfort of our homes. I rarely open our dictionary and thesaurus these days since word meanings and synonyms are just a click away. Searching for the best Online casinos? You can definitely find what you’re looking for, thanks to the technology called the Internet. Booking a flight these days is also a breeze as we can do it online! No need to visit a ticketing office, no need to wait. Just click, type and then later print your e-ticket. These and more are possible thanks for the technology called the Internet!


Your Kind of Donut

>> Saturday, October 10, 2009

You Are a Boston Creme Donut
You have a tough exterior. No one wants to mess with you.
But on the inside, you're a total pushover and completely soft.
You're a traditionalist, and you don't change easily.
You're likely to eat the same doughnut every morning, and you pout if it's sold out.


Affordable and Fashionable | $8 Eyeglasses

>> Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are you wondering How You Can Start Spending Smart these days? Here is a suggestion, find ways to get more bang for your buck! If you are fashion-savvy, you might want to consider Zenni Optical’s $ 8 Rx eyeglasses. They are so economical, you can afford to wear a different pair every single day of the week! No more wondering whether your eyeglasses’ style or color fits your chosen wardrobe, thanks to Zenni Optical. Here are some of My favorite high fashion eyeglasses at Zenni Optical:

Cheap Eyeglasses

$8 EyeglassesFashion Eyeglasses


Today, God Wants Me to Know…

>> Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In God We TrustOn this day of your life, Suzanne, we believe God wants you to know ... that it's time you remembered who you really are.


You are not your wallet, your job, your kids, your house. You are not your activities or your worries or the labels other people give you. Like an actor you play these roles, and like a good actor you sometimes forget who you really are. Time to wake up now, and remember that you are a being of immense power and breathtaking beauty created in the image of God.


What is Love?

>> Monday, October 5, 2009

Here’s one description of love. Simply put, it can’t be described. Hehe.

Love is


He Knows.

>> Thursday, October 1, 2009

I anticipate October as it only means November and December are just around the corner. I am happy that it’s October but then I just realized that DH only has 30 more days of employment and by November 1, he will be officially jobless. Their organization will be closing after two decades of operations. Their furniture and fixtures, vehicles, computers and some electronics will be given to their partner agencies, LGUs and other organizations by next month.

He already sent applications to several organizations and he’s still waiting for a positive response. However, two organizations already expressed their willingness to hire him. Even if he did NOT send applications to them. The first one is one of their partners in his current organization while the other one is a department of his former organization. This is no surprise because modesty aside, my husband is one conscientious, hardworking and intelligent worker. Aside from that, he is a good and trustworthy friend to his colleagues. They know that they can always count on him.

He is still weighing his options. And we both believe that God has greater plans for our family. He is aware that I do not want him to compromise his safety. This is a big issue in the nature of his chosen career. So we pray and pray while he is doing his best in the last tasks that need to be accomplished and sending applications to prospective employers. He was officially unemployed for two months last year but a government agency, a partner in his previous organization, availed of his service and compensated him. We never went hungry nor penniless.

God provided.

He has been leading DH to the right job, the right path. And he is becoming better in every organization that he joins. He is not only contributing to the organizations that he works for. He learns from his managers and colleagues, even from their partner organizations.

Once upon a time, we prayed and prayed that he would be employed in a government bank so he can transfer here and be with us. It was not granted. We were devastated but continued to pray and trust God’s wisdom. We never thought that DH will be led into this kind of job, demanding yet rewarding and fulfilling.

Indeed, God works in mysterious ways. And He knows what is best. So we keep on trusting and praying and trusting Him some more. Because again, HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST.


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