>> Monday, September 28, 2009

How time flies! September is about to end and it only means that another big vacation is just around the corner. I can’t help it, I am already thinking about our Christmas vacation. In fact, I have been blabbering about it here and in my other blogs. This year, I intend to bug DH to help me plan our vacation. Last year, we were too lazy to commute (because Mark’s car was at the repair shop the entire time we were there) so we stayed at the house most of the time. We even found going to the mall a chore because we were commuting! This year, we must make the most of our stay. No lazy bones allowed. We intend visit our Ninang Cora and her family in Quezon City. We also want to see our Ninong Tim at the Ateneo. Aside from that, there will be meet ups with DH and my friends.

As early as now, I should be looking for a weight loss pill that works so that I can loose these excess fat. I will accumulate more, for sure! Our daily meals are being prepared by my mother in-law who is a goddess in the kitchen. Everyone loves everything that she cooks! My absolute favorite is her Pork Sisig. I can only eat it once (or twice a year if I get lucky) so I savor every meal that it’s served. Aside from that, we all love desserts.

I can’t wait!


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