>> Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just in case you forgot. =)






2008 Philippine Bar Exam Result

>> Friday, April 3, 2009

is finally out. Unfortunately, a dear friend of mine (whom we’ve been helping in storming the heavens with prayers) did not make it. He is one smart guy and many of us believe in his capacity. Maybe this is not for him for now. But still, it’s sad to know it, knowing what he went through and how much his family rely on him. Haaay.

Anyways, enough of my kwento. If you are looking for the official result of the 2008 Philippine Bar Exam, go to GMANews.TV.


And It’s about to begin

I just checked my Facebook acccount and a friend named Rachey is “is sooooooooo happy this week is over! time to partey! :D” Well, you, lucky, lucky girl, you! Almost everyone else will be starting their long weekend tomorrow but I still have to report for work for half day tomorrow. Boohoo! It’s our last working day actually, before our weeklong break for the Holy Week begins.

Like what I’ve been ranting, errr, telling you about, we’re going to stay home during the break. There are photos to scan and scrap, plus lots of books to read. (Which reminds me of my need to order custom rubber stamp bearing DD’s name, to use on her dozens and dozens of books!)

And since we’re staying here for a week, I need to start restocking the pantry and fridge tomorrow. I will be doing my list now and I’ll be back with more updates. :)



I have been sleeping waaay too early these past nights. No, it’s not because I am taking weight loss pills. I gave up on it since I can’t seem to remember taking them during the designated time. Hehe.

I get sleepy and tired these days because I switched vitamins. I need a dose of iron daily. That would keep me up and about until about midnight. But since I got a little bit bored with my vitamins, (that happens, right?)  I switched to DH’s supplements. It’s amazing that it’s already 8:00 in the evening and I am still blogging! Haha! Of course, I will be switching back to my old supplement tomorrow. Though I can now hear my bed calling me. :D



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My McDonalds Kiddie Crew Member

>> Thursday, April 2, 2009

There are several developments regarding DD but for now, let me tell you about her stint as a McDonalds Kiddie Crew this week. To expose her to new experiences and friends, we decided to enroll her to McDonalds Kiddie Crew workshop last March 7. They had an interview about two weeks after and an orientation just last Sunday. Her workshop began last Monday and will end this Friday. For two hours for five days, she “reports” to McDonalds and attends art workshop, lectures and “serves” as a Kiddie Crew. Free meals were given too. The P650 fee covered that, along with the art materials, their T-shirt and cap. Everyday, I come home to a happy and excited kid who is looking forward to the next day. She is kinda sad about the thought of her last day as a Kiddie Crew tomorrow but we assured her that we’ll enroll her again next year.

Anyways, here’s a snapshot of my McDonalds Kiddie Crew member:DSC_1468

Pardon the forced smile. I normally get that.

That’s all for now. I will post more updates about her (and a thing or two about life insurance quotes perhaps) in my next posts. TTFN!


Thursday Blurbs

Hey! I have been a lazy blogger again. I don’t feel like staying up late these days, errr, nights. Work isn’t that hectic. For now. But I feel sooo tired upon coming home that the only things that I can do was eat and sleep. Boohoo!

And to make things worse, I woke up with a bad headache this morning. I hope that a pain reliever will do the trick.

On a lighter note, our secretary will be celebrating her 50th birthday next week! It’s a big number and I have been encouraging her to celebrate it grandly since she will be a golden girl, though she doesn’t look like one. She looks younger than her age. Maybe because of her general outlook in life despite the difficulties that she and her family has been facing. I have been thinking of what to give her. A sexy lingerie perhaps? Hmm… I still have several days to decide so good luck to me!


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