>> Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's funny when you realize something "profound" while you're taking a bath or folding the laundry or just merely brushing your teeth! While doing just that (brushing thingy) tonight, it came to me that we (Wes, Therese and I) actually switched roles when I got sick. You see, the real roles are:
Therese - a kid. Basically does nothing but play and sleep and eat and of course, go to school. Sometimes whines and throws tantrums when her whims are not given. But nevertheless, she's the sweetest thing in the whole world, universe, galaxy. (I'm the mom so I'm biased.)
Wes - The Provider. He's always, always on a business trip going here, there and everywhere. Just to provide for his small family. (And finance my caprices. Ssshhh...)
Me - the mom/wife/domestic goddess of this household. I feed them, I clean after them, I make sure they look clean and that they smell nice. And that the house is in order, etc. etc. You know what I mean.

Anyways, when I got sick, here's what happened:
Therese - she went away on a trip. So, she took Daddy's role. At least on being away.
Me - I became Therese this time. I did nothing but eat (and gave Wes a hard time feeding me) and sleep and yeah, whine and rant and cry. And asked Wes to get me this and that and buy me this and that. And I got mad when he did not buy me the food I was asking him to buy. (It's not that I don't do that when I am well. LOL!)
Wes - (this is the best part!) He evolved into a better version of himself! He became the domestic god of the household! He fed me, did the laundry, cleaned the house (sort of), took care of a sick whiner, fixed the bed, fed the stray cat outside (though it has been his duty) and did all the other wonderful things I have been doing for them. (LOL!)

It's relatively fun while it lasted. It felt good to be on leave both from office and house work. But now, I am slowly crawling back to reality. Or is the other way around? The little girl came today with my father and she was crying. She went straight to the CR and vomited. Poor thing. They were already at school and she was not feeling well so they decided to come here. My heart broke! I asked her if she wants to stay home now and she nodded. So there. I have a little girl by my side who has low fever. (And her Dad just went away again for another business meeting.) If this is German Measles again, I will have to extend my leave for another week. The year is just starting and my 15-day Sick Leave will all be consumed! And there's a possibility that those days are not enough and I have to opt for leave without pay. Good thing I can apply for a cash advance in trying times like this.

But I am praying and praying and praying that this is not Rubella German Measles. That this is just the usual virus she contracts once in a while. I can't bear to see her sick again though unlike before, my conviction that GOD WILL SEE US THROUGH is stronger. So we'll just take good care of her and pray with her like we always do and let God do His part.

Like what they say, "When it rains, it pours." We have our own version at the office, "When it rains, it floods!" Maybe this is a time when suffering seems to multiply and linger. But in my heart I believe that there's light at the end of the tunnel and abundant blessings will follow. ;)

Be a blessing!


The Worst Days are Over!

>> Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hi friends! How was your week so far? I hope it was productive and you have been happy with what you have been doing.

For those who are asking, I am feeling so much better now! Thank you, Lord! =) I have been taking 5 different kindsa of medicines plus I have the best doctor in town! Fever have subsided and I don't suffer from headaches, cough, fever and runny nose anymore. But my joints, hands and feet are still aching! And my skin (from neck down) still looks like Chorizo Bilbao! Hehehe! They're getting itchy once in a while but they're manageable. Now, I can get up longer and can feed myself, sleep 6 hours straight and without lights. Plus I can think straight! LOL! You know what medicines can do to you! They can make you well but they can also disorganize your thoughts. And hey! I was able to smell a fresh version of myself after 6 days!

Anyways, I am happier now. Though I feel sad whenever I remember my little girl. The house is so silent, it is so unusual. And unhappy. My nurse/cook left for about 4 hours yesterday and today to work and I was alone. And boy, it felt like I was on a solo retreat! I miss my girl so much! She visited me today and I was so happy to see her! I have been urging her to come home and yeah, she wants to but she does not know when. I do not know when either. Not for now, at least. ;)

Anyways, there are several projects that I need to finish and the succeeding days of recuperation will be spent working on them. I also need to work on this blog, surf the WWW for free digital kits, search for more digital printing services available here in the country, look for new good reads, browse galleries, stumble on the best online casino, play and win big time and then I won't need to go back to work next week! LOL!

One of the blessings that my illness brought is that Wes was able to touch base with the domestic god in him. :D He now knows how to do the laundry alone (though he bought himself a brand new washing machine), fix the clothes, "clean" the house and the most importantly, cook! Or at least fry. :) He also prepared fish soup and it was okay for a first timer. Except that he forgot to add some salt. LOL! But I am so proud of my husband. He did an A-OK job of taking care of me during one of the most trying times of my life.
Yes, it was horrifying. I may be exaggerating but it was a difficult experience for me. What sustained me was PRAYERS. I believe that God did not leave me during the time of His Divine Silence. He was actually suffering WITH me! And He blessed me again and again and again with wonderful people who lovingly supported me. Thanks to you too, for coming to visit and see how I've been and for loving wonderful and heartwarming messages. Salamat!

I never imagined that I will contract German measles at my age. And it never crossed my mind that it will be this hard. But like what I always tell Wes, it is better that I get sick instead of our girl.

One old friend sent an SMS on the second or third day of the event, and asked how I'd been. I told her I was suffering and it was difficult, etc. Her reply did not only comfort me but made me smile after how many days: "It's okay Zanne. My husband (a nurse) said that it really proves that you're still young because you contracted measles just now." :D

Okay, I'm done here so you go now and be good! ;)


Still Sick

>> Monday, January 28, 2008

I will be limiting my Internet time while I am sick. (I have some deadlines kaya I am here now.) Guess what, my friends: I have this dreaded disease called GERMAN MEASLES! Haay! I feel super, mega terrible!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by and left some lovely notes! I will get back to you once my German visitor leaves for good. Heheh. Alpha, will do your tag once I get well.

Take care all and have a great week ahead!


To be Well

That's what I have been praying for in the past days. I have been sick for several days now and it is a very, very sad thing, I tell you! I feel physically weak because of the pain that I have to endure. But the saddest part for me is that we have to send our kid to my parents' home since she might contract this disease. I can't imagine being away for a long time away from Therese and just thinking about it makes me sad. So I just take it one day at a time. Soon, she will be home, once Mommy is okay.

Anyway, allow me to introduce you to one of the healthy websites I stumbled upon this past week. It is a blog that
promotes personal growth and wholistic development of body, mind, spirit as it tackles food, fitness, taking care of your mind and spirit, and staying in the present and being alert - elements that can bring us all to closer to a life that we all want to live. They have articles from aroma therapy to yoga. But my most favorite category is personality development. It even provides insightful books for the bookworms in us!

It is new year and what's a better way to welcome it than to be a better and new you!



>> Friday, January 25, 2008

I have been feeling sick since last night. I had fever last Sunday and it recurred last night. I feel terrible and hot at 39 degrees Celcius! But why am I up, you might wonder? Because I have to, that's why! The boss is requiring me to send some brochure layouts today. Or else! LOL! No, just kidding. She is a nice woman. It's just that some "gods" will soon visit the university and almost everyone are panicking. Those are who are unaffected and do not care (like moi) are still forced to join the crowd. LOL!

Anyways, I hope and pray that I will feel better verrrry soon. I will post more photos and my part 2 of this post once I can.

Here's to a very happy weekend to you and your family!

P.S. Thanks to Lusi for the photo.


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Good bye, Fr. Rey (Part 1)

>> Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is one of the saddest days in my life. Today, we buried the slain priest, Fr. Rey Roda, OMI. The love of the people whose lives were touched by Fr. Rey is very overwhelming. Let me share some snapshots of today's event and with few kwentos along the way.

The public school kids lining up to say bye-bye to Fr. Rey for the last time. Most of these kids are Muslims. Sayang, I was not able to take photos at the Cathedral where the requiem Mass was celebrated. It was overflowing with people! There was a long stretch of private high school kids naman outside the church pero I was not able to photograph them.

Here's the last ride of Fr. Rey. From Tabawan where he served for more than a decade and where he was brutally murdered, his remains were transported many times until it arrived here in Cotabato City. He was buried in the Oblate Cemetery though he wanted to be buried in Tabawan.

Men in black belts, some of Fr. Rey's brothers in the Oblates. One of them, Fr. Biasbas (3rd from left, the one with a black belt) was one of Fr. Rey's classmates. He accompanied Fr. Rey all the way from Tabawan. He is also doing missionary works in one of the islands there.

That's all for now. I have been sleeping way too late these days. I need to catch more zzzzs and make up for those lost sleep. More photos and stories of today's event will be posted tomorrow.

Good night, friends. Have a lovely Thursday tomorrow!


RPG Games

>> Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Who is into RPG games? And what is RPG, by the way? RPG or role-playing games are computer games where players assume the roles of fictional characters in a fictional setting. Together, they follow or create stories based on the actions and characterizations of their chosen character.

I have a cousin who is into RPG and he's in his 30s! It's not that playing is limited to the younger ones only. =) And take note, he is not only playing on his personal computer but also bought another gaming platform and plays the same games he has on his PC! My other cousins and I just shake our heads and accept the fact that he is an RPG games addict.

Phelios, an independent game developer, does not only create games for Windows but they have Mac games too. What I like most about this site is that they have two versions of their games: a FREE download version and a full version which is available for a fee. Isn't that nice? You can actually try the PC games or the Mac games first before purchasing the full versions. Very consumer-friendly, if you ask me!


Computer Games

>> Monday, January 21, 2008

One of my favorite activities when I am not so busy (or if my mojo takes a walk) is playing computer games. Yep, I still spend time on my laptop whenever there is nothing to do. But that rarely happens these days! LOL!

Anyways, I remember sleeping early in the morning just to play Zeus. I enjoyed building and developing communities and fighting off evil gods and goddesses. Of course, there are
games for kids which I also find entertaining. But I am happy to discover
Global Warning. It's not just a game for the sake of gaming but it is educational and may I say, environment-friendly, because it teaches about caring for the environment and how to generate significant savings on your energy and purchases. Interesting!

Being a Windows user since I was introduced to computers, I am happy that Mac games are also available for Mac users. Everybody's happy! :)


The Day that Was

>> Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hi! Happy Sunday! Unfortunately, I woke up with a low fever and headache this morning. =( I was in bed the whole day and the good husband did almost all the housework! He even conquered his fear of frying! He even bought some groceries after going to Mass and took care of the laundry. I am soooo proud of him! =) However, I had super hard time dealing with my little girl. She has been an annoying and stubborn little brat! Either that or I am just impatient because I am sick. Oh well... Obviously, I can get up now and was even able to cook a decent meal for my small family.

Anyways, because I of my situation, there was nothing to do but sleep and tinker with my mobile phone. LOL! A preggy friend, Bingay is sick and so is her little girl, Nana. Ate Ann's father has been in the hospital for 6 days now because of cardiac arrest. I hope and pray for their fast recovery. On a lighter note, Rita and I exchanged notes regarding digital scrapbooking. I so envy her for having the mojo and time to scrap! She even had her layouts printed! Way to go, girl! Keep it up! Liz and I also had a chance to talk about a project that we have in mind. Imagine, I was thinking about it this morning and she called up this night to discuss it! Indeed, great minds think alike! :D And while I am writing this, I am also chatting with Jeff, my so-much-in-love brother in-love and with Arabelle, a super pretty friend whom I have not seen for a loooong time! We've been friends since high school and she's one of my super dearest friends even if we rarely talk. :) I love yah, girl and I so miss those long talks and fights! :D

So, there goes my weekend! How was your weekend? :)


It's Back!

Bo Sanchez, a very popular preacher, writer, etc. said that we should always, always be open to blessings, that we should expect blessings each day because our God is a loving God and He always thinks of ways to bless us. So why am I sharing this? I was on a vacation for two weeks last December and I was not able to update this blog during that period. I came home to a blog with a 0 Page Rank (PR). PR these days is a big thing for people like me so you can just imagine how disappointing that was. In fact, I even removed the PR widget on my sidebar because it was annoying to see. Anyways, I checked last week and I still got 0. Tonight, I thought of checking again, expecting to see another 0 but lo and behold! My PR3 is back! It is so back! Thank you, Lord! This is an unexpected blessing and it is very much appreciated. ;)

Expect blessings to happen. They do happen. ;)

Hmmm... How will God bless me today kaya?


Weekend Again?

>> Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wow! Time surely flies fast when you're not looking. Hehe! So, how was your week? It has been quite busy for us. I attended a seminar last Thursday and Friday. I initially thought that it was going to be boring since we've been attending a similar seminar in the previous years. But aside from having a set of effective and amusing set of speakers and fresh topics, I was also seated with a very gay friend! He is one of the jolliest gays I know. ;) Thanks, Lor a.k.a Eunice! I actually learned new things even if I was one of the noisiest in the group. LOL!

Anyways, it is a busy weekend for me. Again. ;) So many things to do, so little time! It is great to have a very, super helpful and supportive husband like Wes! He has been so helpful around the house and very supportive of my undertakings. Am I lucky or what? :)

Speaking of being lucky, I found another website that provides a comprehensive list of online blackjack game sites that offer the highest payouts and signup bonuses. It is also interesting to note that they have a 24-hour customer support. Like what I have been saying, I am very much lucky and blessed with my love life but I am very unlucky when it comes to games of chance, even raffles! So I wil leave online gaming alone. ;)

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for many people here in the country as we celebrate the feast day of the Sto. Nino. May our childlike faith help us get through with the trials that we face and may it also make our hearts grateful even for the simplest blessings that we receive.

Happy Feast Day to all!



>> Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just like last year, when 2007 began, our family is again dealing with some transitions. I can't write about the more relevant yet. But I am very much grateful to our friends and relatives who have been praying for and with us. They also provide the much-needed moral support. Thank you, thank you! God is soooo good that He is blessing us with wonderful and loving people like you. Things are getting everyday and we know that very soon, our prayer will be granted. :)

Another thing that we face in the previous days is the absence of our helper/caregiver. It was she who decided to let us go! LOL! We have been having problems with her trustworthiness but we tried to ignore it. You have to understand that we were afraid to let lose her. She knew Therese since the girl was still a baby. She understands and love that girl and never hurt her. Aside from that, we used to believe that we can't handle all the household chores here at home, that we need extra hands because we are both working full-time.

Hours before our flight last December 2007, my brother, daughter and I decided to visit some relatives who live nearby. But before we left, I already prepared my bag and kept my wallet inside a locked drawer. But I kept a bill inside my coin purse for our terminal fee. The helper/caregiver was the only person left here at home for about an hour. Upon our return, much to my dismay, I discovered that the bill inside my coin purse is missing! I finally had the courage to talk to and confront her and told her that that was not the first incident. Of course, she denied that it was her! I guess I was really disappointed that time because aside from her cash bonus, we actually gave her some grocery items and a big can of assorted biscuits for her family that morning. We have been verrrry generous to her and her family. But I did not get angry, I did not become hysterical. I was actually amazed at how I handled the situation! In all honesty, I have forgiven her and I expected to see her again once we return. However, my brother (who stayed here while we were away) told us that she did not return after she got her salary that week. I was surprised to know that on the day of our return, she was not here. We actually waited for her to report to work last January 7, but she did not arrive. Her excuse was she got sick. But she was able to work one weekend somewhere! Looks like she's guilty.

Anyway, Wes and I decided not to hire a new helper/caregiver anymore. Not because we can't afford it but we can actually save a lot without one! Therese is big enough and have lesser caring needs. We also agreed that we can do the household chores together. I have been bringing Therese to work every morning. And she has been helpful to me and my officemates ha. ;) She goes to her class in the afternoon and we go home together. Wes and I share the household chores. He now knows how to cook rice using the rice cooker and I am so proud of him! :D Cooking viands is still a slightly difficult thing because thawing takes so much time! Wes and I do the laundry together and I finally agreed with him that we need a washing machine. :) Of course, we still need to adjust to the situation and I am happy to know that Therese prefers to be with Mommy than to be with her caregiver. That's what she said ha. (We already told her that her caregiver won't be coming back.) It is tiring, yes. But the joy is in knowing that I am serving and taking care of the greatest gifts given to me by God - Wes and Therese.


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Happy trip! :)


A Day of Mourning

>> Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's in the news. A priest who belongs to the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) was killed in Tawi-Tawi last night. Fr. Rey Roda, OMI was praying in chapel when about about 10 gunned men tried to abduct him. He resisted, he was hurt by them and dragged outside where he was shot to death. To read more about this tragic news, please go here.

I've met this wonderful priest personally. He was the one who brought Maz, an excellent student from Tawi-Tawi, to study in our university as a scholar about 4 years ago. Maz and I met around lunch time today and I saw how sad she was because of what happened.

He is one of the OMIs who runs some colleges and universities in Manila and here in Mindanao. I am an alumna of one of those universities, I served as an Oblate Volunteer after I graduated and I have been working in that university for almost 10 years. I grew up with having OMIs around. One of them baptized me. Another one solemnized our wedding and baptized our daughter. I have been amazed by the missionary work that these guys do. When I was once an Oblate Volunteer, I actually experienced travelling to far-flung areas with my superior (who's a priest) just to say Mass.

The OMIs actually go the distance. They serve the poorest of the poor. Many lives were touched because of their work. They serve everyone without the intention of converting them. They are loved by Muslims and Christians alike. That has been echoed over and over again when OMIs are being talked about. Like now. That's what the people who were served by Fr. Rey said. By the way, Maz, our scholar is a Muslim.

This is not the first time that a priest got killed in our country. Why things like this happen to people who whole-heartedly serve and love God and others? That I don't know. I also have been asking the same question.

Fr. Rey, rest in God's love. Thank you for everything that you have done for all of us. Please pray for us and we'll see you in heaven.


Preventing Identity Theft

>> Sunday, January 13, 2008

Last month, I was very privileged to meet two online friends. One of them came all the way from the US. It was refreshing to be talking to them about family life and the hobby that the three of us share.

However, one sad story was shared by Ms. V. Some months ago, a call woke her up very early in the morning. It came from an employee of her credit card company and she was being asked whether they just purchased some expensive stuff online. Well, the call actually woke them up and this means that they have not transacted online before that call. Good thing, their credit card company was alert in times like that one! Just imagine the hassle and inconvenience it would have caused if they were not able to detect the anomaly!

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Lucky Click

>> Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's a weekend! For many of us, this is a great time to relax and enjoy. However, in my case, it's different! It's time for my household chores! Hubby and I had an interesting bonding moment late this afternoon - we did the laundry together! It was not as tiring as I expected because of the extra hand, plus I actually have someone to talk with aside from myself! LOL! It just rained but I hope that tomorrow's going to be a sunny day so that our laundry dries up quickly. Next task, ironing them! Waaah! When will I have time to blog and surf the net and read other blogs and download digital freebies? ;)

Anyways, for those who got the luxury of time this weekend, why not try your luck on an online casino? Like what I have mentioned before, there are many, many online casinos to try out there! Who knows, it might be your lucky day and your luck is just a click away! ;)



>> Sunday, January 6, 2008

Here's a trivia for you. Did you know that there are about 3,000 online casinos on the WWW? That is one big number, if you ask me!

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