Spring Cleaning and Bar Exams 2007 Result

>> Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hi everyone! As some of you noticed, I did a little spring cleaning on my blog. Notice my header way up there? Everything is from Kay Miller's Blue Lagoon Kit. Lovely, isn't it? :) Kay creates the cutest of all kits and if I only have the $$$$, I will buy them all! I am also happy to do some minor tweaking here despite my limitations on HTMLs and stuff. Yey me! The links are also grouped. I made a separate list for my digiscrapping friends from the PHP Forum. I included some paper scrappers too.

Anyways, the list of our new lawyers can be found HERE and those who topped the 2007 Bar Exams are HERE. Congratulations!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Off to prepare brunch and attend Mass. Later, gators! :D


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