A Digiscrapper's Woes

>> Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am a digital scrapbooker. I have a confession to make. I have not created a single layout for about a year now. The culprit? My oh-so-slow PSCS2! Blame it on my limited RAM! Of course, we need to add more but unfortunately we're still waiting for whatever that we're waiting for in order to have the precious additional RAM to keep me rolling.

So what do I do? What have I been doing? I have been HOARDING digital kits! I have been stalking websites that post freebie links and you just have to see my massive collection of CDs where I store my oh-so-precious digital kits. Yeah, I am a hoarder. When I was sick and could not get up, I relocated Kaela's little table inside the room to use as my laptop table. I wasted no time, really. I downloaded kits while I was sleeping. Yeah, that's me! Aside from being a procrastinator, I am proud to boast that I am also a multi-tasker. And like what I posted here, I burned my kits to CDs while watching Grey's Anatomy. Just some hours ago, I was chatting with 4 people simultaneously. Three on YM and one on my mobile phone. And that's while surfing the Net and updating my blog. :D

Anyways, what actually goes on in the mind of a kit hoarder? I think, it is the conviction that these pretty lovelies are indeed lovely and would be useful one day when they make their way on the scrapper's lovely pages! But personally, I am starting to doubt if I would be able to use ALL these pieces in my pages once I scrap again. But hey, that's just me! With that realization, I actually abstained from downloading stuff. It's been two days! LOL! Imagine, two full days without downloading a single thing! So, two days. But I still visited those sites, found some lovelies and I know that the links will still be up for several days. Up to the weekend. ;)

But I am still a digiscrapper! What do I then, while waiting for more RAM (or a new laptop!)? If you ask me: HUNT FOR and DOWNLOAD FREEBIES! :D

This post is inspired by a fellow hoarder, Diane. :)


Teachers of the World, Unite!

>> Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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I believe that this Teacher Lingo is not only a social website but more importantly, it is a useful resource for teachers of the world. With their teacher blogs, one can get help and be of help. So if you are a teacher and you want to improve as one or you want to help others to become better teachers through exchange of valuable information ane experiences and socialization with fellow teachers from all over the world, sign up now.



>> Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hi! How's your weekend! Ours was spent lounging around the house. I was relatively lazy as I am a bit sleepy and I don't want to force myself doing heavy work around here. But I started helping The Hubby cook. He fries while I prepare the vegies. I actually missed slicing, preparing stuff to cook and cooking. We also had a DVD marathon last night, watching the first two seasons of NCIS. Now, it's CIS Miami. And not only that, aside from watching, he also read what he can about the series on Wikipedia. He learned that from me! LOL!

Today, we attended the Mass at around lunch time. Initially, we planned to take the girl at Jollibee (it was my promise to her when she was sick. Get well and we'll go to Jollibee. :D)but when we got there, it was packed with people. So we left and transferred to Greenwich instead, bought some groceries, then Wes and I got our much needed hair-cut. We got home around 4 PM, had our snacks and went to sleep. And that's why we had our dinner around 9-10 PM (that's almost two hours ago). It's almost midnight but the three of us are wide awake! The Husband is watching his CSI Miami, I am online and the little girl is busy with her craft stuff (however, she's short on the scotch tape.Sad.)

Tomorrow's a holiday! Yeah! However, I have lots of things to do, which I have been postponing for three days now. LOL!

Before I end this post, allow me to congratulate one of my bestest friends, Bingay, for giving birth to a lovely little boy named Jevian Christian two days before his mama's 29th birthday - February 20, 2008! It was a difficult birthing experience for the pretty mommy, little Jevian needed some help in order to breathe properly, had to be administered with antibiotics and undergo some tests. But thank God, Bingay was discharged and the little one can breathe on his own now. Aside from that, the tests came out negative of any infections. Yey! =)

So, that's how my weekend went. I beginning to feel more hopeful now. And I think that that's good.



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Mother, Mother I Am Sick!

>> Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hi there! Thanks for visiting! Sure, I have not written anything that is worth reading these days. I am still trying to recuperate from asthma and cough and fever. Thank God, I am getting better! And thanks too, to my new doctors. Yep, I found new doctors. They helped making me well. Big help! Want to see how they look like? Here's one of their many photos:
LOL! Yeah, I'm crazy! And I am crazy about Grey's Anatomy! I've been watching this show for some days now. It is difficult to get up and do anything useful (unless it's really, really necessary) but they've kept me company!

So, I am hoping to get back to work tomorrow. Yey! I know many people are missing me since last week! LOL! My work real work isn't that grand, I know. But I soooo love the people I spend my 44 hours weekly. And I am not just talking about my officemates but people from other offices, teachers and students. I have proven many times before that staying home for a long time is great but working outside home keeps me relatively sane. ;)

Anyhow, thanks to everyone who dropped by and left lovely messages. I will do the tags, exchange links and blog-hopping once I get really better. ;)

Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone!


Late Bloomer

>> Friday, February 15, 2008

So, I am unhappy and sick and whiny and mad. I don't have the drive to read, talk, browse the Net, look for freebies, visit blogs nor write a long post. I can't sleep yet because I have difficulty in breathing. Being asthmatic is NO FUN!

So, while burning my downloaded kits to CDs and since the husband is away, I am watching this:OK, OK! I might be a late bloomer! Others are now charmed by their Coffee Prince and here I am, just starting my first episode of Grey's Anatomy! Hubby bought these DVDs some months ago and its just now that I found the time and interest to watch.

So bye-bye for now and I will catch you all later!


Tuesday Ramblings

>> Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hi! How's your week so far?

I have not reported to work since yesterday. My little girlie has been sickie since Sunday. She has been coughing and had some rashes from her nape and spread to her face, neck and upper body. She woke up with a low fever and headache this morning so I gave her paracetamol and thankfully, she is feeling much better now. Except for the rashes, of course. Wes and I believe that this is not German measles, as she did not have fever before the rashes developed. Plus they don't look like my rashes, hers are kind of spread out. I hope that this stubborn, lovable little girlie gets well soon! We will be celebrating their school's family days next week and I don't want her to miss their field demonstration. I might be bringing her to her pedia this afternoon. Oh well...

On a lighter note, we woke up with a drizzle this morning. Lovely!

Two days from now, the world will go crazy with the V Day again! Wes will be on travel that day. And aside from that, he is really not into this kind of celebration. But I am thinking of buying him a present. Ssshhh. Don't tell him. :)

That's all for now. Thank you for dropping by!


$1 for $20,000

>> Monday, February 11, 2008

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>> Saturday, February 9, 2008

Almost ten years ago, I was taught how to play billiards. I found it easy to learn and it was a fun game! Recently, I discovered that there is a website that offers online billiard. Another interesting feature of this site is that it's a multi-language game that allows everyone from everywhere to enjoy a broad range of billiard games. Aside from online billiard, they also offer online snooker & online pool. Want to meet other people who share the same interest? Join the site's pool tournaments!

Have fun playing!


The Week that Was

Hi friends! Thanks to everyone who dropped by while I was away. =) It had been one hectic week since the "gods" I have been talking about arrived. They are actually accreditors to check on how we run the university. Once we pass the accreditation and levels up, we will have some sort of independence on the administration of the school. It (the visit itself) was not a bad thing since it somehow made us all conscious of how we conduct ourselves in the university (administrators, staff, teachers and students alike) . Aside from that, the school was spotless! I just hope that all these will be sustained. There were dramas and the like during the visit, there were embarrassing moments but it's part of life! I have been telling my colleagues that we're like living a showbiz life in the university, we never run out of intrigues and dramas and gossips!

Anyways, domestically, we are all OK except that Wes is feeling sick with sore throat and the usual nose problem. Next week is going to be his last week with his recent job and he'll be a free man on the 16th! We are very much hopeful and optimistic that God will provide him with a job. In the mean time, while waiting for a job offer, he can help more on the domestic stuff, take care and spend more time with our girlie and since he's somewhat lucky, he can play on an online casino. Lady Luck seems to be on his side since he had been winning in some raffle promos! But wait, he does not know how to play! He should check out the FAQ page and be informed. ;)

Tomorrow is our first year of "independence". It was February 10, 2007 when we moved and lived on our own. Today, the owner of this house talked to us and asked us to buy this house. Wow! I told her that we are not capable of paying at this time because of Wes' work status. Aside from that, we are not very sure yet if we want to settle down here or somewhere out there. That's the very reason why we have not bought a property here. Anyways, we are praying really hard for God's will. Wes' next job is very critical and will determine our next move. ;)

Tomorrow also is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes. So we'll visit my parents and join their celebration! I will be spared from preparing lunch! Yey! :)

Happy weekend everyone!


Wednesday Morning Blabs

>> Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I've been back to work since Monday. Of course, I missed the girls at the office as well as the gays and gals who frequently visit us. But I also do miss staying home! I am adjusting to wearing those shoes again! LOL! And I miss blog-hopping and blogging as well. Will surely be more visible online come this weekend, I hope.

The "gods" will be arriving at the university tomorrow. So, like what I have been saying, almost everyone is panicky. But I am very much impressed with the transformation of the school, physically. It actually looks and smells nice! I don't know how prepared we are re our exhibits but as I see it, we're doing good. And by God's grace, we'll get that accreditation level that we've been aiming for.

Therese has been doing okay. They're busy practicing for a field demonstration some time this month. I can't wait to see my little girl perform again! Wes, on the other hand is wrapping things up on his current work as he's hoping to jump ship some time this month. We're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that God will grant what we've been praying for soon. (Demanding!)

That's all for now, friends. Have a great Wednesday!


Good for Your Eyes and Your Budget

>> Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I once wore prescription eyeglasses because of astigmatism. Good thing my vision improved after I discovered a good eye doctor who prescribed the best eyeglasses for me. Not needing the aid of eyeglasses to see clearly has been a relief.

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>> Monday, February 4, 2008

When I got pregnant, I was not so much into how I looked. Yes, my nose was getting bigger (as if it was not already big!) among other parts of my body and obviously, my tummy was expanding. Back then, I was very much preoccupied with the distance between me and Wes. I was actually thinking of him and how happy I would be if he was with us. You see, most of the time I was pregnant, Wes was somewhere out there, making a living. We were together during the Christmas break. But by God's grace, he moved here for good a week before the little girlie decided to come out.

Anyways, like what I said, I was not really conscious with my skin and such. That's why I only discovered that I have these dreaded stretch marks about two years ago! Imagine that! And boy, they look awful! How I wish I did something those days (and not just think about my husband. LOL!) to prevent stretch marks from appearing. A little online research led me to a stretch mark cream which claims to be effective in just two to three weeks! And even if you have a dark skin color, this cream can help lighten those ugly stretch marks.

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Good bye, Fr. Rey (Part 2)

Here is the final and last part of my farewell to a martyr, Fr. Rey Roda, OMI.

Just take a look at the number of people who came to say good bye to a good man. This shot is not enough to show many people loved Fr. Rey.

Here's the brave, young lady who wrote the touching reflection here. In this photo, Maz was being interviewed by Ms. Ces Orena-Drilon of the ABS-CBN who came to cover the big news. With them is Prof. Rowena Bacani, one of Maz's mentors and teachers. Maz was brought to us by Fr. Rey five years ago. A smart, confident and reliable young lady, she has been making us proud.

They were the last to leave. Almost all of the relatives of Fr. Rey had left the burial site. But these people from Tabawan (some of them witnessed the brutal killing) were last to leave. The camera made them smile though. ;) With them is the OMI Provincial, Fr. Mon Bernabe, OMI.

It was a bright, sunny day. God is surely there somewhere, along with all the saints and angels and Fr. Rey. They were watching us as we bid this one great man good bye. Pray for us, Fr. Rey and we'll see you again.



When I was an Oblate Volunteer, I discovered the Internet through a Filipino friend I met who lives in the UK. That was 1998 and she was surprised to know that not all households here in the Philippines have Internet access. Through the Internet, we were able to update each other by exchanging emails. Later on, I discovered free chat rooms and instant messaging. It was a breeze talking with friends from all around the globe at the comfort of our homes.

A friend of mine, Liz and I used to share an addiction once: playing Neopets! We once belonged to a guild (sort of a group of players) and it was fun meeting new friends from all around the world like Nelly and Christine. Oh how I miss the guildies!

Another fun thing that I discovered because I am connected to the Net is blogging. Initially, this blog was intended to be a gallery of my digital scrapbook layouts. But as time progressed, I got lazier and have not done any layouts. Since we live away from all of Wes’ relatives, I thought that I can use this blog to update them about our life happenings. So here it is now. Aside from the joy brought about by writing, I am also grateful for the friends I have been meeting from all over. The Internet indeed changed my life for the better.



Here's a short reflection written by one of Fr. Rey Roda, OMI's scholars. She is Maz, as we fondly call her. She was challenged by Fr. Rey to become the first CPA of Tabawan. I know that she can do it. She is one brave and smart girl. She has been sacrificing a lot to fulfill this dream. She has not seen her family for almost three years now, since school is very, very far from home. She will graduate come March 2008 and we're hoping that there are kind people out there who will support her during her CPA review and board exams and make the dream of becoming the first CPA of Tabawan a reality.

So here's Maz! This is published with her permission.

(Sittimazuin H. Maddiul)

I thought for a moment these are all but a nightmare. I wish I would realize that I am only dreaming a bad dream and that I will soon awake and read more of Tatay Rey’s greetings of Peace from Tabawan. I wish I could still mark the calendar for his next visit here to Cotabato City, so he can see my grade slip and financial report. (I am about to submit to him my December financial report…) I wish I could still feel him touch my head and telling me to keep smiling and to do my sembahyang prayer. I wish he is still alive, giving me more hope and inspiration, reminding me of my wonderful future, telling me to work harder for it, relating to me his dreams and many beautiful plans for Notre Dame of Tabawan and the people, but God knows what it must be … there are many things to wish, I wish he can come back and make things all right. These are all but wishes that would never come true. He has gone, but not the strong determination, courage and the love he had implanted in me.

January 15, 2008 at around 9:30 pm, I received a text message of Fr. Rey’s death. It was difficult to believe. I immediately dialed Fr. Rey’s cell phone number, but it just rang several times, nobody answered it. ( I guess by that time his cell phone was already in the hands of the criminals) I then dialed another number in Tabawan to confirm and to know what was exactly happening. The news hit me so hard when I was told what had happened to him. I did not know what to do. I wanted to scream, but I just cried very hard. When I was able to collect my thought, I called his sister. By then my cell phone was already busy receiving the same news. That was how the worst news I have ever had started. It is so painful to loss Tatay Rey. Who I am now and perhaps in the future, big part of it is because of his compassionate love to Tabawan and his scholars. He is the kindest person I have ever known, how could a sane person afford to do such a cruel act to him? Why did God let them kill him?

I feel useless I was not able to do anything to help him when he was hurt. For ten years, he had been sacrificing a lot for Tabawan. He had helped so many people. He was like a rain water dropped by God to our small island. I have seen him worked hard; soliciting from different people from the outside of Tabawan so that we may able to see life beyond the shoreline of Tabawan. He used to tell me to always pray to Allah to touch the heart of more generous people to extend some help. I see success, development, love and peace in him.

Maybe there are some good reasons why this is happening. Perhaps this is God’s way of granting his prayers and his dreams for Tabawan. I think many people will start to realize many things after the incident. I realize how big and how important my role being a scholar is, and that I really need to work harder, pray harder. Fr. Rey had sacrificed his life for the cause of the poor and justice. I too, should learn to sacrifice. Perhaps this is also a way to show the world that injustice is everywhere even in a remote peaceful area, and there are poor places like Tabawan that need some attention for development and protection. Mind you, people from Tabawan with qualified income pay taxes, I’m hoping that his death does not threaten the missionaries to continue their mission in Tabawan, but instead challenged them. And I’m praying that the next person to continue the mission will be as loving and as dedicated as Fr. Rey. He had indeed challenged each and every one of us.

Fr. Rey was the symbol of hope for me and for the rest of people in Tabawan. For what he did till his last breath, he is not our ordinary benefactor, we love him so dearly. He is not just a priest or missionary, but he is the hero of Tabawan people. He has gone but not from our hearts. I shall remember him in my prayers and intentions for the rest of my life. The memories and love and the values he had left me will be my guide to be strong to pursue my dreams and I’m sure his. I just don’t know what life might bring me or what my future will look like, but what ever it will be, in my own small way, I shall continue his dreams and mission for Tabawan, in his memory.


What Mind's Eye Sees

>> Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's almost a year since my small family and I decided to move out of my parents' house and started living on our own. It was exciting except for the fact I did most of the packing of our stuff. It's not that we had plenty. In fact we only had a handful of furniture pieces back then (and there are only two or three pieces added in a year). However, we had lots of books, clothes and toys! It's a good thing we were not collecting antique or art pieces which requires special packing, moving and storage.

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Insurance Policy

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Gammon Fortune

>> Saturday, February 2, 2008

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So, let the games begin!


Personal Loans

I am a member of a credit cooperative and I am aware how helpful personal loans can be especially in times of need. The biggest loan I ever applied for was when Wes and I tied the knot, not because we wanted a grand wedding but because we did not want him to be tied where he used to work.

These days, a DSLR has been haunting me in my sleep. LOL! You know, those big, mean looking cameras with big lenses. The only way for me to have this baby NOW is to apply for a personal loan. But I don't know if I would be able to sleep if I know that I have to work doubly hard to pay for that loan. LOL!


The City of Light

As a part of my mother's peace advocacy work, she was able to visit other countries and famous cities. One of which is Paris, France. Yeah, she was able to see the ever famous Eiffel Tower, which I also saw. In my dreams! LOL! But I hope that one day, Wes and Therese and I can go visit the City of Light.

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It's play time!


Houston, We had an Emergency

>> Friday, February 1, 2008

Hi friends! TGIF, eh? So, what are you up to in this fine Friday evening?

At around 12:30 midnight last night, after I posted this post, my little girl who was sick woke up and had some milk and a little chit-chat. Her temperature somehow normalized so I was relieved. However, around 1 AM, she complained of chest pains. I did not panic, basically because she was still noisy - her usual self except for the chest pains. I was thinking that it will eventually go away and my instinct was actually screaming that it's not a problem and that it will indeed just go away. But then she cried so I decided to call Papa to fetch us and bring us to the hospital to have my little girlie checked. So we waited for them. She was still noisy and busy talking but whiny. I packed some of her things, just in case hospital confinement was required. I also informed Wes about the situation. Eventually, Papa and Mama arrived and we all went to the hospital. At the ER, we had to wait for the doctor. I was surprised to see that he is an old acquiantance of mine. Anyways, eventually I was right. The pain just went away. That's about 5 minutes before Doc arrived. LOL! Doc said it might just be muscle spasm since she is not coughing or anything. So we all went home happy. And sleepy. But the little girl woke up early. Around 6:30 AM. I was just having a good sleep at that time. Oh well...

So I taught her a new vice. Yikes! Yesterday, I finally introduced her to play some computer games online for kids her age on my laptop. And boy, she's so into it! This morning, she was bugging me to let her play "para MATAMIHIK na ang bahay na ito" according to her. See? That's how smart she is even if she's bulol! LOL!

This evening, we were graced by the presence of a very good, old friend of ours and one of her Ninangs - Marijo. We both enjoyed her company and the goodies she brought for us from a recent trip. Sa uulitin, Jo! ;)

We're quite okay now. I hope. God has been good. Thank you for stopping by to check on us. Take care and have a super great weekend!


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