Still Alive!

>> Friday, December 28, 2007

A very Happy Holidays to all! Blame my internet service provider, we have been offline five days before we left for a 2-week vacation! Internet is not available from where we have been staying plus we have a super hectic schedule: visiting relatives and friends, shopping and eating! LOL! Aside from doing laundry. Hehehe!

Anyways, we are staying overnight with some of hubby's siblings. We were able to visit the Ateneo today and we hope to see three online friends tomorrow! Yay!

I am trying to post some recent photos but this computer won't allow me. :(

Another good news, I already got my EON card! Yay!!


Need Cash?

>> Thursday, December 13, 2007

Twelve more days and it's Christmas Day! Are you done with your shopping by this time? I hope to do mine this weekend, to be able to hand the gifts for my godchildren before we leave next week for a vacation. Good thing a bonus will be given tomorrow! Yey! I am ready with my list and a good and beautiful friend of mine, Marijo, will be shopping with me this weekend! I am soooo looking forward to spending time with her and hunting for stuff that will make kids smile. ;)

I am also thinking of buying gifts for myself, of course! :) I am eyeing some books in an online bookstore though I have not decided which books to buy yet since they are quite expensive. Hmmm... Decisions, decisions... So many wants, so limited funds. LOL! That is why I am thinking of availing a loan from our credit cooperative. I rarely apply for loans but this time, I think I really have to! For those who have limited funds and need fast and secure loans, there are many assistance available including cash advance and payday loans. Actually, there is a list of cash advance sites for people who are need emergency cash right to their checking accounts safely and securely.

So, you need cash? Apply for a payday loan now!


Rainy Tuesday

>> Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It was a rainy Tuesday for us here. However, that did not prevent me from having a lunch date with a super good friend, Ate Emmie. It was fun seeing her again and talking to her about married life and business over lasagna, carbonara and ice tea in a cozy cafe. ;)

Another thing that made me happy is this: I got my first birthday present today! LOL! It is a pretty blouse from my boss. Can't wait to wear it!

However, a sad thing happened. I came home to a little girl with a small cut and little bruises on her chin! She said that she and some classmates were playing and holding hands when somebody pulled somebody who in turn pulled another somebody who pulled another somebody who pulled her! And that's how she fell on the floor and got injured. Aww... My sweet little cutie pie... Poor little thing.

Examination days are coming up and she was interested in reviewing her lessons last night. However, she was not into it tonight and told me that she would be sleeping early. Oh well. She said that she would just sleep and the wound will just disappear once she wakes up tomorrow. And before sleeping, she prayed, believing that Jesus will heal her wounds. :) Now, that's my girl!


Choosing My Battles

>> Monday, December 10, 2007

I have been having problems since I worked on changing my blog's template. I was totally frustrated when I copied and pasted the previous html code and discover that the widgets and links that I used to have at the right side of my blog were all gone. So, I tried tweaking the template which I got from a different website. (I have a super limited knowledge when it comes to html codes.) Then, I realized that I can accomplish other things if I settle with the templates provided by Blogger. So, here it is! A much simpler design of my blog. I just hope to do a little tweaking here and there, create a header perhaps.

One thing I learned from being a mother is choosing my battle. Thus, I chose not to battle with html and xhtml codes at this time. This will just drain my energy and consume my super valuable time. I will just do what I can for now.

I am still working on my links so please bear with me.

Have a great week everyone!


What's Your Blogging Story?

When I joined the digiscrapping bandwagon through the encouragement of my good friend, Liz, I also joined the blogging hype. I initially named this blog, "Scrapping Delight" to showcase my digital scrapbooking pages. However, due to my limited time, there were not enough layouts to display! So, I turned this into a personal blog in order to share my triumphs and trials as a mother and wife.
Later on, when I joined the forum for Filipino digiscrappers, I met Chikai who introduced us to paid blogging. She was very much supportive of us who wanted to blog for money. Now, there were many of us who are into paid blogging. I was not able to immediately sign-up for paid blogging due to some constraints but I am very much grateful to Ate Jenny who was very encouraging and supportive. Aside from these amazing ladies, I am also thankful to Mai who is very much helpful and patient with some of my queries. :)
What about you? What's your blogging story?


I Lost...

>> Sunday, December 9, 2007

...those thingies that I have on the right side of my blog because I fiddled with my blog's template. I am very much pissed off.

I need to work on my friends' links again and everything.

Anyways, for those of you who regularly drop by and wants your links back (if I fail to post them), please, please leave me a message on my CBox. Thanks!



>> Saturday, December 8, 2007

That's the English translation of my paternal grandfather's name. During his younger years, he was a fruit farmer. I can still remember the days when we,his grandchildren, feast on baskets of sweet mangoes during harvest season. Whenever we visit him in the province, he would take us around the place. It was one of my fondest memories as a kid. I am very much amazed by his communication skills as well as his daily newspaper reading habit. :)

However, gone are those days. My grandfather is now weak, at 70+ years. He is sometimes sick and most often clumsy up to the point of hurting himself. It's a good thing that he lives with my aunts and cousins who take good care of him.

Bettercaring provides helpful information in caring for one's self or loved ones. With their care search feature, it offers a comprehensive list of care homes, sheltered care homes, respite care homes and nursing homes for those who are incapable of caring for their loved ones at their own homes. Furthermore, Bettercaring has an online community where one can ask questions and share stories, or just talk with others who are into caring.

For more information, visit Bettercaring now.



>> Thursday, December 6, 2007

Okay, I just invented that word. :D But yeah, it's been almost a week! Last Sunday, our live-out helper asked my parents to inform us that she would be going somewhere for some emergency, without even telling us when she'll be coming back. Oh well. So, aside from looking after my active pre-schooler and my hardworking husband, I also do the household chores upon waking up and before going to bed every night. And boy, I feel sooo tired! Laundry is taking up much of my energy. I hardly have the strength and time to cook upon coming home from work. That's why we have been feasting on fried pork chops, fried fish and fried eggs. :D And I don't even have enough brain cells working to work on some blogging opps. :(

But it has not been a bad week after all. Yes, I am tired. My husband has been a little grouchy due to work. It rained the when I sun-dried my laundry. But good things did happen!
1. I was told that our little princess was now somehow behaving in class. Good girl!
2. We were blessed with some amount to spend for a Christmas vacation in Pampanga.
3. Wesley recuperated from a mild case of tonsillitis.
4. I got connected! Thanks to the help of Ate JennyL and Chikai.

I hope to feel better tomorrow. I just need to rest early tonight. I look forward to the coming weekend since Saturday is going to be a holiday! Yey! It will be the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception. No work for me! But there's laundry (oh my...that L thing again...) and groceries and marketing. I hope to make it up with my small family, so I am planning to prepare something sumptuous for them this weekend. :)

We'll be having a session tomorrow regarding Filariasis. It's not a nice thing, based on what I heard so I will definitely listen attentively on tomorrow's lecture.

Have a great Friday, everyone! Catch you all tomorrow! :)



>> Wednesday, December 5, 2007

One of the things that my husband and I enjoy doing together is watching American TV series. Thanks to him, I have been a fan of CSI and House, M.D. However, my most favorite of all is Las Vegas. The story revolves around a group of people who are working in a fictional Montecito resort and casino in Las Vegas.It has drama and comedy and a bit of action. Casinos were never interesting for me until I watched several episodes of Las Vegas. I would love to visit Las Vegas and experience the thrills one feels when playing in a casino. ;)

I recently discovered that in US, one can experience the fun and excitement of playing in a casino without leaving the comforts of the home. Casinos are ranked by the experts according to bonus size, payout rate, c
ustomer support, number of games, deposit options, graphics and ease of use

Wanna try your luck now? :)


Dyson Vacuum Cleaners and Parts

>> Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I have been asthmatic ever since I was born. Thank God it is managable, unlike others who are really handicapped by it. In my case, it is usually triggered by change of weather, stress and most of the time, dusts. Knowing what triggers my asthma helps me avoid having attacks. Obviously, I cannot control the weather. LOL! Stress, on the other hand, is most of the time inevitable. However, dusts can be somehow "eliminated". It is necessary for me to have a relatively dust-free house, so rely on a dependable vacuum cleaner to keep dusts at our house to the minimum. It is best to invest on one, especially if you have asthmatics and kids around. Vacuum cleaners these days are becoming more advanced! Also, gone are the days when vacuum cleaners resemble a huge, bulky robot.You can even find sleek and smart-looking vacuum cleaners that cater to the different needs of households, like what Dyson offers.But wait, there's more! (Yep, that famous line again. LOL!) Vacuum cleaners now even have accessories! Go online, check-out what they offer. There is a super wide range of accessories and parts available.

Be dust-free!


Award Winning Shopping Cart Software

>> Monday, December 3, 2007

These days, a number of digital scrapbooking kit designers opt to open their own online stores, instead of selling at different big sites that cater to numerous designers. This does not only mean more profit and freedom on the part of the designer but it also entails more responsibilities.

Running an online store requires a lot of hard work. One has to make sure that the site is appealing to its target client. Moreover, it should be up to date, easy to navigate, understandable and free from bugs, glitches and errors which can discourage buyers and prospective buyers.

It is then necessary to start an online shop with a reliable shopping cart software. AShop Commerce is an award winning shopping cart software preferred by both beginners and professional users. The ecommerce software they provide has been assisting thousands of online merchants in building powerful online shops with low and affordable rates. But wait, there’s more! (To quote the ever famous TV ads. LOL!) AShop Commerce’s shopping cart software is not your usual shopping cart software. AShop Commerce also provides a dependable technical support and customer service. It’s optimized shopping carts provide the best possible platform and advice in order to achieve the top of search engines. AShop Commerce’s shopping cart software claims to be a total solution as they promise secure hosting, free emails, 128 bit SSL checkout security, design services and more importantly, full fraud alerts and promotion services.

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