The Week That Was

>> Friday, November 30, 2007

Finally, the week is almost over! However, this is going to be a working weekend for me. :)

I am sorry I was not able to fulfill the promise I made re the photos. I had a terrible tonsilitis last week and was not able to work for three days! I was craving for ice cream the previous days, I gave in and ate at least two ice cream on sticks daily. LOL!

Good news: Wes' contract was renewed! However, the area he covers expanded. Meaning, more time working and lesser time for us. *sigh* But of course, we are aware that we need to sacrifice if we want a more comfortable life. :)

We were also affected by the typhoons which visited the country. Classes were suspended (for elementary and pre-school) here for two days. Those were two joyous days for Therese!

Asley, one of my charming brothers in-law, already bought us tickets for January, pang-uwi dito. We still do not have tickets for Manila. LOL! Just like last year! Anyways, we are pretty much excited to spend the holidays in Pampanga again. And I am very much excited to see my online friends again!

Yesterday was one heck of day for all of us here in the Philippines! Have read/ seen what happened in Manila Pen? It was horrible to see media men on handcuffs! I hope and pray that things will not get worse. And that the Filipino people will come to realize that the power to change our lives lies on our hands. Happy Bonifacio Day!

Anyhows, I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay safe and stay happy!


The Airplane has Landed…

>> Saturday, November 10, 2007

… and now we’re back to reality. =)

Thanks to Ate Ederlyn and Ken’s generosity, our small family was able to go home to Pampanga and witness what we called the wedding of the century. ;) It was a super grand (okay, that’s exaggerating but it was indeed super grand!) and it was my first time to witness such a lavish and extravagant celebration. Aside from attending the wedding, we were also able to visit and meet relatives from Wes’ side. We went home with plenty of memorable experiences indeed.

The downside is that since we got home, I have been too lazy to write or read or even play with Photoshop. I intended to post photos today, however, my files are quite huge and the laptop I am using does not have Photoshop! Oh well... Will probably post them next weekend. ;) Promise!

Have a great weekend and week ahead! Ta-ta for now!


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