Cheap Hotel Accomodations in London

>> Saturday, October 20, 2007

It has been a known fact that there is a massive migration of Filipinos abroad in search of greener pastures. Filipinos are literally scattered around the globe! I have friends and acquaintances that are now in the United States, Middle East and United Kingdom. These Filipinos battle with fatigue, stress and homesickness in order to make their lives and their loved ones’ lives better and more comfortable.

Family-centeredness has been inherent to Filipinos. Most of us have a high regard for our parents. Basically, our parents work their selves to death just to feed us, clothe us and send us to school and sometimes, look after our kids when we decide to leave the country and work abroad. To pay back their goodness, many overseas Filipino workers (OFW) save up to gift their parents with a trip abroad.

My good Lola Dely, the midwife who delivered me and my two brothers, will be going to London as a tourist very soon (along with her youngest daughter), courtesy of her son who has been working there as a nurse. They will need a place to stay once there. Before their trip, I suggested that they check-out cheap hotel accommodations in London to find affordable but good and quality hotel accommodations there. If they can save up on hotel accommodations, they can definitely visit more tourist spots and buy more stuff for themselves. And since they are Filipinos, it is likely for them to scout for and purchase items to bring home (or pasalubongs) to their loved ones here in the Philippines.

To Lola Dely, we’ll miss you for a while but enjoy your trip and take a lot of photos!


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