>> Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just negligent of this blog. Hehehe. I have a long post coming up. For now, I have these photos to share.

September 19 to 22 was the schedule of our spiritual retreat. All employees, faculty and administrators went. Of course, some refused to go. =) Anyways there were about 350 of us and we were divided into 10 groups. My group which you can see below was assiged in a Dominican shrine in Davao City. We had the eloquent and smart Rev. Fr. Fil Estrella, OMI as our retreat master. He's the one in white between the two ladies in red. Now, can you tell where I am in this photo? :)

Here is the photo of the crucifix at the chapel. It is located way up the wall. I took this photo one late afternoon with my ever reliable Canon point-and-shoot camera.

I will be posting more stories and photos soon. Really. ;) So stay tuned!

It's a weekend and I hope you're spending it with the people who are dearest to you!


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