Dropping By

>> Friday, February 16, 2007

I finally have the chance to go online. =) We've moved last Saturday, 10th of February with the help of Papa, Marijo and Badong. It was a crazy day. The days before and after were and are even crazier!

I don't have much time to elaborate now but I am assuring those who love us that we are doing great. Wes has been on travel since the week started but he will coming home tomorrow. Yey!

I hope that you all had a great Valentine's day! Thanks for visiting!


And the Good News is...

>> Friday, February 9, 2007

We are moving!

Some of you know that my small family and I have been living with my parents since Wes and I got married. And I’ve been in this house since I was born. However, due to some unpleasant occurrences and the fact that it is natural for us to live on our own, we decided to look for our own place. Since we can’t afford to buy our own house yet, we settled to renting one. Scouting for a house with a pleasant neighborhood and an affordable rent was not easy. But God works in wondrous ways and He makes things happen. We finally found one with the help of a good, old friend, Leo M. He was lounging around when I went to one of the offices at school. It was a blessing to see him there since the house opposite his house has been uninhabited for about eight months now and the owners were supposed to be looking for a small family as occupants.

We met them (the owners) last Sunday. I was with Therese, Marijo and Joel. I find the owners kind and easy to deal with. They toured us around the house (not that it was that big!) It has two rooms, a small kitchen, a receiving area, a small comfort room. An extra bonus was that the floor is tiled! I’ve been telling Wes that I wanted our house to have tiled floors so that it will be easy to clean. LOL! The owners are generously lending us with their bed (made of narra, take note!) their old (but still functional sala set plus some tables. Isn’t that neat? =) The subdivision is located within the city and my travel time to work will be cut almost in half. Yey!

I have been busy, busy these past days buying stuff for the house. Marijo had been so kind to accompany me, plus her two co-workers, Ate Joy (a new great friend!) and Dimple. Adoi (a super friend’s sister) was also there to help. Mostly, we have kitchen stuff. Later today (yeah, it is midnight and I’m still up!), Papa and I will be scouting for a gas stove and a refrigerator, a good foam mattress and more stuff. I have demanding boarders, you know! I will also be doing the groceries while Papa Jof and Mamitz will also help in looking for a television. (I can live without one but two people I know can’t!) We’ll start moving in stuff on Saturday.

I feel both giddy and excited. Though I feel a bit sad leaving Papa behind. He has been so supportive and loving of us. Merely writing this portion makes me cry. =(

Another hitch: we don’t have a caregiver for Therese yet. I have been bugging people with distress calls! Mamitz informed me yesterday one is available, but her helper needs to contact her first. I am keeping my fingers crossed and I am asking you to please pray with us. Wes and I work full-time and Therese needs a companion while we’re away. This would not be a problem if we’re in Pampanga. *sigh*

On a lighter note, I have been conditioning Therese about the move. She was thinking that we will be moving to her beloved Pilar Village in San Fernando, Pampanga! My poor kiddo. In time, my little one. =) Anyways, she excitedly sorted her books two nights ago. She is looking forward to sorting through her toys too! She intends to bring them ALL!! Okay.

I have accepted the fact that the kitchen is not my turf. It is a shame to admit that. But this time, I am hoping to learn and be able to do more than sautéing and frying and boiling stuff. Wes will be leaving for Davao (again) on Monday and I asked him to buy me a cookbook. Good luck to me! And to Wes and Therese too! I told them that whenever I cook here (in my parents’ house), the food I cook is always an alternative. When we move, the food I will be cooking is their only option. So I better do a good job, don’t I? =)

Unfortunately, I will be MIA for a while. I will be working on my assignments at The Scrapping Garden but I need to prioritize at this time of transition. Some things have to take the backseat for a while. There will be less internet time for me since we don’t have a telephone line at our new home. (Plus I will be loaded with domestic responsibilities, especially now that we don’t have a caregiver/ helper.). I will miss staying up late chatting with my super digiscrapping friends and posting comments at the forums and galleries but I am hoping to find time to sneak in during lunch breaks. I got loads of photos waiting to be scrapped but I don’t know when to do them. (Maybe during the night since we won’t have Internet yet!)

Before I forget, I am saying “Salamat!” to everyone who prayed with us, supported us and hoped with us. Things are turning out great and we are truly grateful to everyone who stood by us during those trying times. Salamat from the bottom of our hearts! Please continue keeping us in your thoughts and prayers as the road might get tougher along the way as we begin a new chapter in our family life. =)

I’ve been reading some stuff on photography and, I practiced last Sunday with these photos. Not as great as want them to be but I think they’re better. What do you think?

(Here's my little princess @ the Grotto where we usually attend Sunday Masses)

(From front to back: Pia, Megan, Therese and Elaine Therese. The other girls are Mamitz and Papa Jof's nieces. The girls had super fun playing together last Sunday.)


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