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>> Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Garden Gateway is finally out! Go and click that phrase and it will take you to the official newsletter of the Scrapping Garden. :) You find a familiar name there. Yes I am there!! I am so proud to say that I am one of the ladies behind the premier issue of the newsletters.

Here's how it happened: I was at work and I was checking my emails. It was the week when the Scrapping Garden's gallery and shop crashed. I got some notices that some crops and chats were cancelled but I still got some reminders from the Yahoo! Group. I decided to check-in at the chat room, thinking that I was 30 minutes early for the chat. There I found Robin, Cheryl, Pat and Judy having a meeting and it was about the planned newsletter. (Obviously, the chat was cancelled.) I volunteered to work on some tutorials and Cheryl asked me to make some for newbies. I was sooooo excited. Cheryl was telling us that there was a reason why we were led to the chatroom that hour :D Pat was assigned as our team leader and she asked me to come up with interview questions for Michelle. She is our featured new designer. Isn't she lovely? I also like her kits. I was working on one of her kits so Pat also asked me to make a sticKit as one of our premier issue's freebie. (Cheryl said that the site is getting popular because of the beautiful freebies handed out randomly. :) Thanks to our generous designers!)

So here is our first issue. I am happy to know it turned out good and that many ladies liked it. I showed it to Liz and she was more than happy to see it. Pat, Judy and I will be scheduling a chat soon for the next issue. ;)

I am happy working on special assignments at the Garden but I hope I have more time (and energy and a faster connection) to work on layouts and meet my requirements. I have so many things to attend to right now and I don't have enough time to scrap. I really, really want to create kits and also make layouts but I just don't know where to find time and energy. Oh wellllll.......


Things I Love About Digiscrapping

A layout I made for the Morning Coffee with Joan Crop at The Scrapping Garden. It was fun chatting with ladies from different countries about what we like and dislike about digiscrapping. It was a light and a very casual talk among women who were still in their PJs! :)

Sweet Memories by Michelle Rodriguez
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